98 2.5 ECU problem, need help - track
I have had to replace the ECU on my 1998 bmw 523, problem is the ecu is coded to the EWS system, can I recode it my self at all? If not can it be done on a normal diagnostic or is it a specialist job?

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98 2.5 ECU problem, need help - elekie&a/c doctor
Specialist diagnostic equipment will be reqd to re-sync the Ecu to the car Ews.What is the problem with the old unit?these rarely give trouble.hth
98 2.5 ECU problem, need help - track
The old ecu was for a 2.0, the engine was cooked ruining the liners and all I had to hand was a 2.5 unit. Its all in and running on the 2.0 ecu but wont idle poperly and occasionally revs itself. I have the correct ecu, just need it synching up.
I wasnt sure if it could be done with something like a bosch KT1 or the new snap on verus.