Damage to the car or not? - sooty123
I have a friend who when parking the car turns the ignition off before the car has stopped. He then stops the car normally with the brakes for the last couple of feet. Would this cause any damage?
Damage to the car or not? - Dynamic Dave
No, but one day he might find that his brakes aren't very good should something happen to the brake servo.

Also if his brake lights only work when the ignition is on, then someone may well rear end him one day.

Begs the question why does he do it though?

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Damage to the car or not? - sooty123
No, only does it in car parks so no-one would really be behind although I take your point. I think he does it save time already undoing his seat belt at nearly the same time, always seems to be in a rush.
Damage to the car or not? - Jon P

I can see this ending in tears for your friend.