BR members called 'scholarly' by academics - Lud
Had lunch today in Farringdon with two old friends from university 50 years ago. One of them is the Skoda owner who has now bought a diesel Octavia with 90,000 miles on it to keep at his house abroad, following advice from BR members sought by me on his behalf.

He briefly recalled that thread, which I had emailed to him to back up my own recommendation to buy that car if he liked it (the garage he bought it from is a family outfit, specialist rather than main dealer, and very clearly excellent). In the course of that conversation he repeatedly referred to the advice he had received from people here as 'scholarly'. He said it had enabled him to impress the salesman at the garage who had told him, no, the car didn't have a DPF and he was quite right to want it not to have one...

As it happens they are both Old Etonians. Etonians don't always know the meaning of the word scholarly, but these two certainly do. Indeed one has been an academic for his whole working life.

So it's official, chaps. You're scholarly. You can carry your noses high.
BR members called 'scholarly' by academics - oldnotbold
As one who went to the school from which Eton was founded (half the scholars were moved to Eton in 1440/41), I'm thrilled that men from such a young school have been pleased with the BR.
BR members called 'scholarly' by academics - boxsterboy
Funnily enough I don't recall contributing to that thread, which is probably why it got the praise that it did!