Female Angst [Read only] - Ben 10
Are female drivers becoming more aggressive and selfish on the roads these days?
It appears from my perspective that they are. What have other BRs come up against or seen?

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Female Angst - pda
I see drivers, no gender, just drivers.

Female Angst - Pugugly
Fear, Anxiety and apprehension ?
Female Angst - Armitage Shanks {p}
I see Mercs, BMWs, Audis, foglights, tailgating etc. Don't notice the drivers except the man in the Merc who attempted a head on with me in an urban chicane where I had right of way!
Female Angst - barney100
Gender generalisation isn't fair but a young woman shot out of a sideroad and only a n emergency stop from yours truly saved a redesigning of both cars.Wwhen I pointed out the rerror of her ways I recieved a tirade of abuse with colourful language to boot.
Female Angst - mikeyb
Not so much aggression but I have noticed that females tend to acknowledge you less. As I drive into my estate I have to drive down a road with cars parked either side. This results in traffic on one side having to give way. Its not normally an issue as people are reasonable and its not busy, however, most of my male neighbours will thank you for giving way, however few of the females will bother
Female Angst - Rattle
I've found the biggest stereotype is the badge rather than the sex of the driver. Too many kwits in german cars thinking their job is so important than the highway code and safety laws dosn't matter. Peck the school children I am about to run over this text message to the MD is far more important.

See it all the time but it gets me annoyed in my head "you stupid Audi driving tailgator on your mobile the reason I am doing 20mph is because I just passed a circle sign with a 20 in it, if you were not on your mobile you may have noticed what is going on around you stupid ';'#!.

I've got nothing against women drivers, just bad ones.
Female Angst - bell boy
the younger females tend to drive too fast
older females seem to be better than men in the courtesy stakes in my opinion
Female Angst - Pugugly
A female friend could outdrive most men I know both in out an out skill but also in the courtesy stakes.
Female Angst - Rattle
I have noticed the same thing, but the sample is too small so I can't say it is reliable. Maybe younger women drivers lack machenical sympathy to know they are not in proper control of their car? This is certainly what happened to me female friend who rolled her car over in a bend.
Female Angst - Sofa Spud
Quote:..""Maybe younger women drivers lack machenical sympathy to know they are not in proper control of their car?""

Just like a lot of younger male drivers!

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Female Angst - Rattle
No, young men just like to show off, its a pathetic ego thing. They know what they are doing is dangerious and I think that is the difference.
Female Angst - RoRo
It is likely that they are perceived to be by those who have been drivers a long time. Females are generally more assertive nowadays - not just on the road. Maybe they, the younger generation especially, are just driving in a way that quite a few men have done for years.
Female Angst - Sofa Spud
I have noticed that nearly all reckless overtaking is done by men. This has always been the case throughout my 36 years of driving.
Female Angst - bell boy
if young women do a dangerous overtake you will see they do it because they follow through another car,its rare they will do it on their own terms
look next time :-)
Female Angst - stunorthants26
I thought we had the rules on sexist postings highlighted just today? Since men and women drive equally well and badly, its clearly just a dig at women and not remotely clever either.
Female Angst - Pugugly
You're right Stuart - thread locked. I'm still trying to figure what angst had to do with it.

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Female Angst - gordonbennet
SWMBO could be labelled aggressive behind the wheel by some, she doesn't hang about and is swift and competent and as safe as the vast majority of drivers imo, she doesn't bully anyone on the road but gets going.
This isn't recent, she's always been like that, as anyone who tried to beat her away from the lights many years ago in her CooperS would have found out...but with a big silly grin on her face.

What has changed and not for the better is the ill mannered rude behaviour of many females, this applies in all walks of life, not just in driving.

There's a reason so many European men find ladies of Far Eastern origin attractive, they still have femininity.
SWMBO is from the Med, so distinctly womanly but slightly more volatile.;)

Head down for incoming..