98 1.6 RT Sport - poor idle, loss of power etc - J2112
The car will run o.k from cold (most of the time) but then it will suddenly lose all power and is unable to idle and if I am driving at the time it will cut out as I slow down for junctions and then I lose the steering and brakes, which is quite scary! The only word I can think of to decribe the sound of the car when it is like this is - lumpy, which I hope makes send to someone!

One mechanic has had an educated guess that it's the idle control valve and another mechanic thinks it is the coil packs and ht leads, which is really expensive especially if it turns out not to be an accurate guess - I have found an idle control vale on ebay and thought maybe this was worth a try but have no idea which number I would need.

If anyone has any ideas what this could be - or what I can try - I'd be grateful for the help!


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98 1.6 RT Sport - poor idle, loss of power etc - elekie&a/c doctor
Before you throw loads of money at this,Iwould suggest that you check the small vacuum pipe that runs from the back of the inlet manifold to the map sensor .This is usually attached to the back of the engine bay,on the bulkhead.Very common for this pipe to perish/split and cause all types of running/stalling problems.hth
98 1.6 RT Sport - poor idle, loss of power etc - J2112
Thanks for your help elekie&a/c doctor, I have checked the pipes and they all seem fine, however, I took a closer look at the HT leads and 2 of them are broken, I'm not a mechanic, so the best description I can give is that the metal bits are stuck inside and not pulling out with the plug - not sure that makes sense...sorry.

I have been trying to find HT leads and the idle control valve online but without a part number this is proving very hard, I have looked on the part for a number but can only find that is was made by Phillips!