Any way to tell when your vehicle was made ? - diddy1234
I was wondering if there is a web site or some sort of give away clue on the cars chassis plate that could indicate when a vehicle was assembled ?

The chassis plate on my car states 'date of manufacture' but unfortunately my Korean is not that good.
Any way to tell when your vehicle was made ? - Tron
>>Unfortunately my Korean is not that good.

Google translator:

This works too!

Tried to post January but HJ Website does not have Korean fonts enabled - how strange and unexpected is that?!

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Any way to tell when your vehicle was made ? - Rattle
the VIN number is the best way. There are websites which you can find on google which will tell you. You might be shocked though. My dads was built in March 1996 and registered in December 1997 and that is a Fiesta so hardly a rare car.

Not checked my Corsa yet.
Any way to tell when your vehicle was made ? - RichardW
It doesn't help the OP, but Citroen (and presumably Pug) print an RP / ORGA number on all the cars, and you can find out the exact day it was built.
Any way to tell when your vehicle was made ? - jc2
A dealer for your make of car can give you the info from the VIN plate.
Any way to tell when your vehicle was made ? - Optimist
How much difference does it really make when your vehicle was made?

There was a thread about a Hyundai where the OP was concerned that his "new" car had been standing around for months and another yesterday putting the point that it was better to buy from a factory order than off the showroom floor.

But I'd have thought with just in time production methods, and buying a relatively popular make of car, the chances are your new car will be just that.

And if it's not, does it really matter? Cars stand around without corroding these days. The only problem I can see is the ESP one on the Hyundai, ie are you going to miss out on a recent improvement by buying a car that's six months old?

There was another thread recently started by a bloke who's been waiting months for a VW because he wants a sunroof which sort of shows that if you want a factory fresh car with your name on it you need to make an unusual option request when you order!

Any way to tell when your vehicle was made ? - bell boy
Optimist its the unsean things you dont see that is the reason cars dont like being stood
lets consider a few
water/damp ingress into loom connecters
corrossion in inaccesible places where by the action of being stood rather than going down the road exaberates the problems
sticking and or seized brake components
deteriation of components sat in bright uv sunlight for months on end
tyres flatspotting
old model not updated and so has probably bugs in it that will get sent out with

think of an old radio been in the shed that you decide to turn on after a period of time,if you are lucky it will work ,unlucky and something will go pop
Any way to tell when your vehicle was made ? - DP
I agree with bb. Cars are machines, designed to be used, not sitting around doing nothing. Sports car owning friends who lay their pride and joy up over the winter in a dry garage, take precautions with fuel, tyres and things like airboxes and exhaust pipes. They wouldn't dream of parking it in a compound, locking it up, and leaving it for a year.

I remember when I sold Fords, we had a cancelled factory order. It was a Mondeo 2.0 Ghia estate auto with RS dress up kit and painted in Citrine yellow. Completely and utterly unsaleable. That car was actually three years old when it was sold new (for peanuts)