April 1st has been and gone right?! - Tron
BBC News 24: tinyurl.com/rxyxow

April 1st has been and gone right?! - martint123
Rubbish BBC reporting again. They are not speed limit signs are they? more like recommended speed on recently resurfaced road. Itinerant road gangs just using the signs they used last time I guess (or found ;)

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April 1st has been and gone right?! - daveyjp
Obviously a very slow news day. Work has been going on for months to strengthen Leeds inner ring road tunnels - a number of signs on these works were also in Welsh.

Last thing I thought about was calling the local hack!
April 1st has been and gone right?! - ifithelps
...rubbish BBC reporting....slow news day...

Steady on.

According to the local authority - not the BBC - some unauthorised person has put up road signs at road works and furthermore they are in Welsh and English.

Phantom road sign erector at work - perfectly decent little story.

Arguably, there's even a bit of public interest here.

Just say this idiot puts up a Keep Right sign that diverts drivers into oncoming traffic.

If you'd read the original story, you might be prepared for it.

Any criticism of the news organisation cannot be justified.