02 2.0 Electric window problem - AllanN
Hi. I have a 307 SW HDI 110 on a 52 plate
I have a problem with the drivers window which I hope is easy to resolve
As it was a hot day I left the car with the drivers window slightly open but with the locks on. When I started the car, the window wound down and stayed in any position but when I tried to close it, it would close then reopen to the point it had been previously left - almost as if it was programmed. Even with the key control all other windows will close but the drivers closes than reopens.
I can't find anything in the manuals about this or in previous posts. Has anybody else had a similar problem and if so how did you resolve it? Would it clear if I disconnected the battery for a couple of seconds or would this create other problems?
Any advice would be helpful
02 2.0 Electric window problem - HyundaiOwnersClubAdmin
This should fix the problem but disconnect the positive end for at least 3 mins. Then reconnect and leave for three mins, then start it. Your window should then be open and closed fully at least once