03 3.0 Views on wheel spacers - islandman
What are the views on fitting wheel spacers ----- say 10/12mm max so fairly modest. I'm thinking of fitting some to my rear wheels in order to fill out the arches. There is sufficient clearance and this is alot cheaper than buying new wheels.

I'm a bit concerned that doing so will increase the load on the bearings and also have an adverse effect on handling/braking etc.

Any views/advice appreciated.
03 3.0 Views on wheel spacers - Woodspeed
You said it yourself, and got the overload scenario right. If concerned, don't do it. BMW are better at suspension design than people who sell spacers!
03 3.0 Views on wheel spacers - Paul G1pdc
other things to think about are wheel bolts. your standard ones are going to be 10/12mm to short.....if you go down the spacer route.
if you want to "fill out the arches" look at wheels, the chap who sits next to me owns a 3series compact 03 plate that came with alloys, but he wanted 17" alloys and bought some genuine bmw items from ebay including tyres his originals where then put on ebay...
the difference being £150 he tells me....
so there you go theres another option.
I am in the process of doing the same, bought some grey metalic WRX alloys 17" to swap with my 15" GX alloys on my impreza. the 17s where bought buy it now for £120 the owner had changed his to aftermarket 18s......but i will keep mine so it can be put back to standard when it gets sold..
03 3.0 Views on wheel spacers - islandman
Thanks for the replies-------

Paul -- yes I am aware of the need for longer bolts and the spacers I've looked at seem to have these included.

After further thought I think I'll forget the spacers - as you say BMW do know what they're doing when it comes to handling/balance etc and my 17" 225's do look pretty good even if the rear arches could take a wider offset.

I've seen a set of genuine BMW MV1's on ebay --- 18" staggered set up which would look the business and cause no issues with load/balance etc. Will have to save up a bit thou' if I decide to go this way.