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Future Car Colours - carl_a
Just returned from Jersey and experienced all the Ford tourist hire cars that drive around the Island . A few years ago almost every car was silver, this time anything but. The new Fiesta and Ka were painted mostly an electric blue and a smaller percentage in black or grey, only a couple of unused factory fresh examples at the port were painted in silver the same amount as bright orange...

Will silver nearly new cars no longer be fashionable or is blue is the next big thing?
Future Car Colours - kithmo
Black seem very popular at ATM and white is supposedly a new fashionable colour. SWMBO still loves silver "because it doesn't show the dirt" and she loathes washing her car.
I quite like the blingy pearlescent colours that are available.

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Future Car Colours - davecooper
One of the things I miss about MG is the range of colours they offered. There was a wide range of flats, metallics and pearls plus some nice chromatics. In addition, they offered colour coded interiors. I don't think anyone does the same range now do they?

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