01 2.0 non starting hdi - nev666
I have a problem in so much as my 306 hdi just will not start. Driving along one day it cut out and has not run since.
It is not a fueling problem on the pumping side, it is on the electrical side. There is no feed going to the injectors to open them, Ecu been checked and is fine so it tends to look more like maybe a broken wire or relay something like that.
Anybody got any ideas, will try anything as electrics just baffle me.

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01 2.0 non starting hdi - Pazzer9
Hi I have the same problem, did you manage to get to the bottom of it in the end? Regards Justin.

Hear is my original note, to inform problem.

My car went from being a good starter to a no starter in 2 days just got gradually worse.

We have two bar of pressure from the low pressure pump. But no high pressure being generated. So we changed the pump. Same problem.

It has always started with the slightest of whiff's of easy start, or bump start with no problem.

It will drive for about 4 or 5 mile, then engine cuts out!! Turn key off while rolling, resets ecu, select 2nd gear, slow car down to bump, and starts no problem, on again for another 4-5 mile again. Until it does the same again.

It will idle stood forever with no problem, won't miss a beat. You turn it off, and try restarting, it just doesn't what to know!

Why does it drive for 4-5 mile when we know it has no high pressure diesel supply? and why does it bump and start with easy start??

Hope may be you can point us in the right direction, been trying to sort this issue out for 3 weeks now! Its becoming a headache!

Any help would be really appreciated!