Latest roadside checks - results - henry k

It is a slow learng curve for some. Should they even be driving?
Latest roadside checks - results - nick
It shows the value of officers on the roads. Scameras wouldn't have picked up any of them.
Latest roadside checks - results - Hamsafar
A 45 minutes of roads Policing is now so rare, it's newsworthy!
No wonder they have caught so many, the chances of getting caught are approaching zero.
Latest roadside checks - results - Fullchat
Multi-agency road checks are very very productive!
Latest roadside checks - results - xtrailman
Highlights to me that the police are not doing their job, i had an accident with an uninsured unlicensed driver, he got of scot free.
Latest roadside checks - results - ifithelps
I wonder how many cars were stopped/electronically pinged to get 15 offenders?

Seems to me a worryingly high percentage of cars are not legal in one way or another.

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Latest roadside checks - results - martint123
I recall watching a combined plod, VOSA and whoever road check system locally and they seemed quite selective in who got pulled over. So I guess the statistics can look frighteningly high when "30 percent of cars stopped had defects" or whatever - but they only stopped cars 20 years old or earlier for example or were in obviously tatty condition.
Latest roadside checks - results - bell boy
Ive been pulled twice in 4 months now in 2 different type transits,ive had my tanks dipped by customs,ive had my nuts inspected by vosa and ive had the 3 degrees from enviromental wealth ,so yes they do pick up on particular types of vehicle
Latest roadside checks - results - ForumNeedsModerating
Those VOSA chappies are going are bit far aren't they? :<

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Latest roadside checks - results - cockle {P}
To be fair to our plod they are frequently at this location at various times and on various days, it is actually right by my building; I can literally watch them from my desk!

It is an ideal location, the road is the main road into the town centre and has a set of lights on a bend in the main road so sitting in the queue of traffic for the lights you can't see more than a few yards past the lights. Just after the lights the road widens out with parking bays on the nearside where the stopping and booking officers wait while a couple of others stand on the pavement about a hundred yards before the lights and radio down the VRN's to their colleagues.

As I say, ideal location, and they turn up, for all intents and purposes, at random for 45 minutes to an hour. IMHO an admirable and useful use of 6-8 man hours, they are regularly impounding uninsured vehicles here and catching people for all the things we, quite rightly, berate cameras for being incapable of enforcing.
Latest roadside checks - results - cockle {P}
They came back again, pretty similar results.
Latest roadside checks - results - jc2
They've been doing this all over Essex tho' not with fluorescent jackets in our area.An unmarked policeman at the side of the road with a radio-two hundred yards up the road are the marked police doing the stops-mobile phones,no belts,kids not belted,no tax(and usually no insurance/mot) and generally unsafe vehicles.Very,very successful!!!