96 1.4 Battery and immobiliser - Peter D
The battery had gone flat in a Rover 400 and has been stood for 6 weeks. A new fully charged battery was installed but it fails to fire up. It appears by the small LED in the middle of the dash display that the immobiliser has kicked in. Due to the flat battery the car was opened with the key not the remote. Any ideas how he can overcome this. He only has one key for the car. Regards Peter

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96 1.4 Battery and immobiliser - doofer
Try here for key re-sync info


and here for info on the Emergency Key Access (EKA) code.


96 1.4 Battery and immobiliser - Peter D
Thanks for the link. Method 2 from the top link fixed the problem and he is up and running again. The problem apparently is caused becuase the fob is used when the car battery is flat and the rolling code between the fob and the car ECU get out of sync. Thanks again. Regards Peter