05 1.4 My C3 is immobilised!!! - Stresshead
Hi- I'm new and desperatley seeking a solution

I hope you can help me, I'm very depressed. A week ago my Citroen C3 (2005) diesel wouldn't start. The immobiliser was preventing it. I had it towed to the local garage who plugged in the ECU to the computer but it wouldn't/couldn't read it. The garage then got another chap in with another tester and the ECU in my car wouldn't communicate. He has checked all the wiring/earths etc and after a week we are no nearer to a diagnosis. The main school of thought is that the ECU is kaput and I will have to get another one. I have had quote from Citron of £620 + VAT + fitting, so talking on a grand at least.

I have also read and been told that these ECU's cannot be repaired. Have you any ideas as to how to get the ECU to communicate with us and tell us what is wrong.?

I would be very grateful for any ideas, or indeed anywhere I can source a compatible ECU

Thanks in advance