Considering buying one - uk_in_usa
I was watching old 'Between the Lines' and was taken with the late Tony Doyle's gorgeous L-reg British Racing Green Range Rover. So I started wondering about buying one of them from that era, although you don't see many of them around these parts (Illinois). I'd always wanted one but was put off by the bad tales about the classic version.

I thought about the more recent ones and checking the car by car for the more recent P38 was amazed by the 'appalling catalogue of build problems'.

OK what about the L322. They must have sorted the problems surely. First thing I noticed is the prices from 58k-78k. And the second was that the front diff life is 40,000-60,000 miles. Transmission 100,000 miles. Instruments 70,000 miles.

I didn't even read up on the supercharged sport versions.

I guess I'm just shocked that while gorgeous to look at Range Rovers still seem to have such reliability issues. Also that a vehicle costing that much should have vital components with such a short life expectation!

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Considering buying one - stunorthants26
I saw a K reg diesel RR in Tesco car park the other day, tatty but sounded healthy.