02 2.0 Dash lights not working - Danunreal
Hi All
I purchased a mondeo tdci ghia x yesterday and that evening found out that when turning the healights on that the dash lights arent working all bar the mileage lcd. All outside lights are working fine, tail lights, plate lights and even interior lights.
The ones that arent working are speedometer and rev counter lights,climate control back light and mpg lcd back light.
I've checked all the fuses and couldn't find a problem and also tryed the dimmer switch.
Any ideas what this could be?

Thanks in advance for any help/advice
02 2.0 Dash lights not working - elekie&a/c doctor
Could be just the bulbs blown.If I recall there are 6 in the insrtrument pod.4 3watt and 2 1.5watt (for lcd displays)hth
02 2.0 Dash lights not working - DieEasySteve
Yeah, it's prob just the bulbs, they have a habit of all going at once,
Got my 05 Mondeo last year. Didn't notice it had no dash lights till a couple of weeks later.

I'm sure it would be easy to fix yourself, but due to lazyness i took it to a local garage, charged me £30.

Out of interest I rang Ford who told me it would cost me £75 to plug it into the computer to tell me what was wrong.