99 1.8 Blue smoke - start-up then white smoke - hi - MurdoK
Hey dudes an fellow turbo lovers..

Recently my TDi estate has been blowing blue-ish smoke on start up which clears after 5mins or so and runs pretty sweet.....

Every gear pulls as expected. No noices, no lag, my oil levels are all good etc etc with no other signs/clues to my..............


last night i was cruising along the M9 at 65-70mph and went to overtake a lorry. I pull up behind it and drop to 4th, pressed the accelerator to pass, didn't boot it, but as soon as it goes from 4th to fifth i get major power lose and a HUGE cloud of white-ish smoke comes out the back which obviously made me pink fluffy dice it thinking my turbo blew or sumfin sumfin but i throw it back up to 5th and it starts pulling again as normal!!

I was gonna pull over but when i fifth geared it and realised it was running fine and my turbo/engine wasn't pink fluffy dice i cruised off the motorway a mile or two up the road keeping the revs low.... I stopped, let the car cool down etc etc and headed for home.

**STRANGE THING** every gear still pulls as expected/normal without obviously taking it beyond 3500 / 4000 revs...


Any fellow good fellas got some advice / had similar experiences!??


{Looks like someone DIDN'T bother reading the no swearing policy before posting}

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99 1.8 Blue smoke - start-up then white smoke - hi - MurdoK

I meant to say when i dropped from 5th to 4th I got the power loss and billows of white smoke...... i guess as the revs upped this caused it to blow gas/white smoke out its rear end and remedied when i 5th geared it again?!!?!?!!?

Help :P
99 1.8 Blue smoke - start-up then white smoke - hi - MikeTorque
Could be a number of things, let a garage run some diagnostics and see what shows up.
99 1.8 Blue smoke - start-up then white smoke - hi - MurdoK

What part of the NO SWEARING policy do you fail to understand?

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99 1.8 Blue smoke - start-up then white smoke - hi - BenG
As far as I know, blue smoke indicates oil burning, so if this is emitted when cold it suggests either that your oil is overdue for a change, there is bore wear in the engine, or possibly valve guide wear allowing oil to drain past the valves while the engine is off.

Finally, it could indicate leaking turbo oil seals, although then you might expect to get more blue smoke when the engine is warm and on boost.

White smoke indicates unburned diesel, but this would usually be seen if your glow plugs weren't working properly on cold start, not when the engine is warm.

If the smoke is actually black (try getting someone to follow you when you rev the car), then this indicates excess fuel and could mean that you have a boost leak (check intercooler pipes for leaks and other joints/jubliee clips in pipework between turbo and intercooler and from i/c to inlet manifold) or the turbo is failing to generate enough boost, leading to an overly-rich mixture.

Funny that it's only occurring at higher revs. That's all I know I'm afraid.