99 1.9 Control Arm Kit - carlover
I see that the VAG parts website has closed down.

Does anyone know where I could order a control arm kit for an '99 Audi A4 1.9TDI?

Are the spurious ones as good as the original parts that the VAGPARTS.CO.UK website used to sell?

99 1.9 Control Arm Kit - Peter D
Euro car parts sell an OEM one. Regards Peter
99 1.9 Control Arm Kit - carlover
Thanks Peter!
99 1.9 Control Arm Kit - adverse camber
And the cheapy ones are ..... not much good.

Audi A4 - where the front suspension is a consumable.
99 1.9 Control Arm Kit - hm
mate, I purchased a full wishbone the works off ebay from a supplier in Germany.. far cheaper than euro or gsf... sorry it was last year and can not determine from feedback.. but it was£129 plus 16 shipping (2 day).. front and rear wishbones, drop links, tie rods, the little horse shoe bits, new nuts and bolts.. was very pleased.. there are a UK crew selling similar