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First of all, sorry MODEL TYPE is included in the subject for this post....the Vivaro is not listed as an option under vauxhall models. But i have seen some posts on this forum about this here goes: {corrected for you}

I have a 2002 Vauxhall VIVARO van 1.9 litre DTI.

I bought it at auction over 5 years ago. It's the first van I've owned and it's not been that reliable. Lots of little faults, some of them stupid electrical things. Dodgy radio/CD player. New clutch required in 2008 at 60,000 miles...maybe this is normal but its mainly used on the open road rather than stop-start traffic. After the clutch was changed another garage said that the gearbox sounded noisy and was likely to fail at some point.....but this has not yet happened in the 12 months since and i think it's always sounded a little loud.

I'll probably buy a Transit next time.

My question:
Is the water pump on this engine driven from the timing belt? If yes, then I'm assuming it's sensible to change the water pump at the same time as the timing belt and tensioners etc.

Unfortunately the timing belt was changed fairly recently and the water pump was NOT changed. The garage did not suggest this be done at the same time. How likely is the water pump to fail and cause a lot of damage to the engine?

Would really appreciate any guidance on this.

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Vivaro 02 1.9 does the cambelt power the waterpump - dagenham car center
unfortunatley the water pump is driven by cambelt.
3.4 hours is the book time for waterpump and 2.3 for cambelt.
most waterpumps last between 120 to 150 thousand miles.