Is buying a white car a good deal - Plugman
I know everyone has their thoughts on white cars but I have been offered a geat deal on a white Hyundai I30 SE on a 58 2008 (against my new style 2007 Mazda 2 TS2 which really is to small) but want to know if colour does make much of a difference when PX time comes against say a red or blue (usually its 3 years for me)? Any thoughts on the Hyundai G3 protection its £249 which is a lot but my dealer says its brilliant protection for the car.

Any thoughts.

Is buying a white car a good deal - Avant
I suspect 'not any more.' I've often been told that a white car is a complete clunker - but only in the 1990s and early 2000s. Before that, and now again, it's as good a colour as any. Personally I could never see what the problem was with it - I suppose just a matter of illogical fashion.

I think a recent thread came out against the 'protection' as being not worth it. Certainly one is never asked at trade-in time whether the car has the protection or not, so you won't get your money back. Wash it regularly and give it an occasional polish when the rain no longer comes up in beads, and you should be fine.
Is buying a white car a good deal - Plugman
Avant, Many thanks for this. The deal I can get is over £1k cheaper than a comparable Red or Blue and these cars are not even in my area. Thanks for your advice on the wax protection stuff doesnt sound like its worth it.

Any more views from others welcome
Is buying a white car a good deal - tack
I saw a white i30 in my local dealership and I thought it looked really good. The colour seems to suit the shape. I know that currently some of the high-end cars like Merc' BMW & Audi produce some white cars and I have seen some on the road.

However, when it comes time to sell on, I am sure you might be reducing your market quite substantially. It ain't a colour everyone goes for. If yours is a keeper (i.e. beyond the 5yr warranty......go for it)

I did see a Merc' SLK in metallic white recently and it looked stunning.
Is buying a white car a good deal - ifithelps
I agree and disagree with Tack.

Agreed the car looks well in white, so in three or four years' time I don't think its part-exchange value will be unduly harmed.
Is buying a white car a good deal - gordonbennet
Buy the car in the colour you want, not with the next owner in mind, i like white and on these modern hatches it looks good and always cleans up well with a bit of elbow grease...whereas a swirl marked dark car can mean a professional mopping to make good...white vans arn't so by error.

I wouldn't waste my money on any of the protection magic treatments either, the cost involved will buy a lot of high quality wax....saying no won't please the salesman mind, he's probably pocketing half the inflated cost in commission.
Is buying a white car a good deal now thinking KIA - Plugman
Thanks for all these replies in the end I decided not to go for it (its still there and I guess it will be for sometime). Whats really changed my mind was that I drove its sister car a Kia Ceed and thought it drove better. It was a diesel in LS spec I am now toying between LS and GS I can live without the nice extra's that the LS has so am now thinking that a GS diesel in a sensable colour would be good if it drives well. Reviews on the GS on the internet are rare though. One chap said that there wasnt a lot of difference power wise.

Any thoughts?
Is buying a white car a good deal now thinking KIA - ifithelps
The higher output LS drives really well, I suspect the lower output engine would feel under-powered.

I didn't like the position of the gearstick on the Cee'd - bit too far forward - but other than that I was impressed by it.

Is buying a white car a good deal now thinking KIA - Talking Hoarse
Pesonally like white as a car colour. Fashionable or not, some cars suit it better than others. It is also very practical as absorbs less heat (?) on a sunny day, so less need for aircon use etc.
I would have no hesitation in CHOOSING a white car. And if it is cheaper than a metallic then all the better. I doubt it will make much difference after 4 or 5 years.
Just look at a car park full of drab grey /greyish /black cars - the odd red, white or yellow car really stands out.