01 2.0 HDi - engine cut out & now will not start - big daddy
We own a 307 rapier diesel hdi, engine cut out & will not start, low oil pressure light came on with high emmission note message, engine turns over ok but will not start, oil level was low can any one advise as to what the problem could be

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01 2.0 can anyone help - Armitage Shanks {p}
The first thing to do (IMO) is the oil pressure light sorted! If the light came on while the engine was running at anything above idling rpm you may be looking at a very damaged engine. You say it still turns and that is a good sign.

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01 2.0 can anyone help - dagenham car center
the start problem could be the low pressure pump in fuel tank gone down.
as for the oil light could be oil pressure or a dodgy sender unit.is the engine noisey?
it needs to get someone in who does diagnostic work,and can then go deeper to whats the underlying cause of the problem.
if your in london or west essex i can recomend someone,if not go on recomendations.