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Cars that are Vans - J Bonington Jagworth
I read somewhere that vehicles with more than 8 seats were automatically classed as Vans by the taxman in the UK, thus qualifying for the £500 benefit-in-kind tax assessment. I know these waters are muddied by things like double-cab pickups, but I gather that the Revenue is accepting the Customs and Excise view of things that they are commercial vehicles if they have a load capacity over 1 tonne.

I mention this because the C&E also have a ruling about numbers of seats, and in their case the threshold is 12, so is the 8 passenger rule figment of my imagination, and if it isn't, is it likely to change soon when everyone with a company car opts for a pickup or a large people-carrier?

I'm specifically thinking of the LWB Land-Rover station wagons that can carry 11 people, but I daresay there are others...

(I did look on the FAQ first, HJ!)

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