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01 1.4 Insufficent Oil Pressure Message - john_b
Hi there,

Hope someone can help - we've started getting an 'Insufficient Oil Pressure' at low revs usually when the car is warm.

We've double checked we have the correct grade oil in the car and we have - car has done around 69k miles.

any ideas?



01 1.4 Insufficent Oil Pressure Message - moulder
I would suggest either a dodgy oil pressure switch (cheap - try first) or a dodgy oil pump - less likely.
01 1.4 Insufficent Oil Pressure Message - john_b
just checked the oil we put in and it was 5/30 - this is in accordance with the Haynes book - the range is 5/30 to 10/40 - would I be better to put the 10/40 in, not sure what I should be using as the engine ages...

oil pressure switch will be next though me thinks :)

01 1.4 Insufficent Oil Pressure Message - Number_Cruncher
There should be no need to start fiddling about with different oils.

The first thing to check is the sensor and electrics, and I would probably just plumb in a known good mechanical gauge to see what's really going on. With French electrics, anything could be happening!

If you do find you really do have an oil pressure problem, the first thing to check is that the relief valve is working correctly. If it's sticking open, then, you'll have low hot oil pressure, but, as it's mainly open when cold anyway, you won't see a difference there.

01 1.4 Insufficent Oil Pressure Message - olesten

Had the same problem with my 2006 307-1,6 today. The problem was the Oil filter, It was only three months old so unless there was a mechanical failure somewhere, it should not be fouled up.
However, in the center tube of the filter, there is a tiny moulded plastic "cross" which actuates a valve (movable center-pin-thingie in the engine mounted filter housing) when the filter is screwed back on

This little plastic cross was broken (very thin plastic on this particular filter, which was not original) which in turn caused the walve to close partially, or maybe completetly. I do not have a schematic diagram but I recon that it will bypass the filter if it is clogged, or what??

The fault was: below 1800 rpm with warm engine "STOP" Warning, OIL PRESS TOO LOW
Above 1800 rpm the light went out

Changing the filter solved the problem
01 1.4 Insufficent Oil Pressure Message - bud100

Thanks olesten,

your advice saved time and money.

I had exact same problems: below 1800 rpm with warm engine "STOP" Warning, OIL PRESS TOO LOW. My mechanic had no clue what would it be wrong.

I found your advaice and it was exactly as you described.

Thanks again.

01 1.4 Insufficent Oil Pressure Message - Cyd

Could also be sludging up of the oil pickup.

You should have a garage check the actual oil pressure with a proper guage. Then you'll know if it's a real problem or electrics.

If it's a real problem, have the garage drain the sump and use a camera probe to inspect the oil pickup. This should cost you very little more than an oil change. Sometimes the pick up pipe can sludge up, so reverse blowing it with an air line while the filter is off can sometimes clear it.

01 1.4 Insufficent Oil Pressure Message - HGVDriver

I had the same problem. after reading the coments on here I ended up taking the oil sump off to find the pickup pipe was blocked.

A previous owner of the car had had the sump off and used bathroom sealent as a gasket but they had used too much.


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