Trafic - 92 2.1 diesel cambelt change - virago_viking

I was going to tackle changing the cambelt on my Renault Trafic 2.1 Diesel. I am no means a mechanic but have tackled most service aspects on my vehicles.

The one thing I can't suss out is where the locking pin goes.

Any tips or suggestions on changing cambelts - one of my worries is getting the tension correct. Is this guess work or is there an actual tool to use ?

Any warnings greatly appreciated !!!

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92 2.1 diesel cambelt change - virago_viking
I've had a caht with a couple of garages who have put the willies up me !!!

They mentioned that the tensioner and pully have to be replaces as well, (which is part of the cambelt kit), and these need setting specifically. As well as the locking pin, they also mentioned that the cogs need locking in place during changing the belt.

The labour cost seems to be anything from two hours to six depending on which garage you speak to - hence why I was going to tackle it myself !!!

Should I leave a cambelt change to the pro's ???
92 2.1 diesel cambelt change - dagenham car center
yes definatley,leave it to the pros!
get them to supply and fit cambelt kit and waterpump if its cambelt driven,then your truley coverd should anything happen.
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