03 2.5 temperature gauge - debzwallace
can i get a bit of advice.. just picked up a L200 warrior, noticed the temperature gauge quickly goes up to half way and sits there, doesn't move. it starts at cool but is quite quick to rise, never gone over this. is this normal and i'm just being paranoid?
03 2.5 temperature gauge - bell boy
Talking to a man that does the other day and he was telling me hes done quite a few of these lately with head gaskets gone and if it needs a head its a grand and s/h are gold dust

obviously i put this down to the things being driven at 90mph everywhere while driver talks on phone,your not one of these people so hope it turns out ok for you :-)
03 2.5 temperature gauge - debzwallace
engine does feel quite hot, but non of the usual head gasket warnings, like smoke (there's none at all), engine noises, overheating etc. so i'm just wondering whether to question the place i bought it from or keep running it. only got a months cover or 1,000 miles, whatever comes first. any suggestions?
03 2.5 temperature gauge - Lud
Isn't what you describe a cooling system working with impeccable correctness? It is supposed to warm up quickly and then maintain a steady correct temperature.

You are being paranoid.
03 2.5 temperature gauge - debzwallace
i'm hoping thats all it is. got this one as my pajero's head gasket went last week. advised by the garage that they cannot skim the 93 swb as it's got ceramic valves and it would be as cheap to buy another engine as it would to replace the cylinder head, the bottom block could be warped and i'd have to replace the engine anyway! can't help being a little paranoid. ;0) after all i'm a woman!? LOL
the L200 just passed it's MOT no problem and it's a clean tidy engine with no indication of anyone having been tinkering around in it. cooling system is clean, no signs of water in the oils etc... maybe i am just being a little on the cautious side!? having just forked out on it i don't need this one going down either.