NIP late issue ? any advice - gerrardiscross
My father has been done for alledged speeding in a 30mph zone (doing 42)
This is in Bucks.
He is the registered keeper but the offence was on the 21 03 09 but the NIP was issued on the 15.04 09
this puts it outside the 14 days doesnt it?
ignoring the was he wasnt he arguement ,can he get off this on that technicality,if so
what should he do with the NIP as he must return it , does he just say yes he was the driver but its outside the 14 days or is that not the case
any help please i guess after 60 years of flawless driving without any points he is entitled to a "break" if he can get one.
NIP late issue ? any advice - Mookfish
I have no idea myself, but the best place to ask would be
NIP late issue ? any advice - Westpig
you have to reply to the 'who was driving bit'... and it's an offence not to, with loads of penalty points (six I believe) .

If he was the registered keeper and the NIP was sent to the address the car was registered at... and he hasn't moved address and the authorities couldn't find him, because it was his fault.....

or the car wasn't registered to a business/lease address and the authorities have complied with the law by sending it there within the 14 days

then it would appear the law has not been complied with i.e. he hasn't receieved his NIP within the correct time...a polite but firm, informative letter back..followed up by legal advice if that doesn't work
NIP late issue ? any advice - doctork
The NIP is out of time. There are one or two exceptions to the 14 day rules (e.g if he had frustrated the enquiry for instance) but doesn't seem any in this case -probably poor admin.
You have to state who was driving so do that and point out the notice was out of time. That should do it.
The idea of a time limit is not really a technicality -one reason it is there is to give the driver a chance of defending themselves, by remembering something about it perhaps. If they were sent months later defence would be difficult.
NIP late issue ? any advice - Martin Devon
My father has been done for alledged speeding in a 30mph zone (doing 42)
This is in Bucks.

Anywhere near the French Horn perchance??