03 2.0 glowplugs - titus
Complete newbie here, so please excuse my ignorance.

3 weeks ago I bought this Zafira - seems in good condition. It's done about 59,000 miles.

We took a family trip out and discovered that the cigarette lighter didn't work (trying to charge our sat nav). On our return I went to change the fuse, and inadvertantly pulled out the ECU fuse. realising my mistake, I instantly replaced it. The cigarette lighter fuse was indeed blown, so I started up the car to go and get a replacement. I got about 500 yards down the road and the car started chugging (safe mode?) and wouldn't go above 1000 revs. I was able to get the car into a layby, but then couldn't get the car to restart. My rescue service came and tried to get me going - after a lot of white smoke the car did eventually run again (seemed completelly back to normal).

I drove the car home and left it for about 2 hours to cool down. When I went to try and start it again, it turned over and I got a slightly burnt smell.

I got someone to tr and clear the codes for me, but this one keeps coming back:

Total number of fault codes: 1
P0380 - Glow Plug Circuit
(0B) - Present

I have spoken to the garage that I bought it from, and they are happy to help, but the are well over an hours drive away. If there is a reasonably economical fix, I'd rather get it fixed locally than try to get it back to the dealer.

Any thoughts would be much appreciated