A fake Roller? - ifithelps
A fake Roller? - b308
Only three seats, though!

Looks quite nice, it'll be interesting to see if the build quality is as good!!
A fake Roller? - bell boy
me velly like
yuu doo plart exchange?
A fake Roller? - mattbod
I saw this in the paper. Rolls or rather BMW are calling in the lawyers but quite funny though. Looks absolutely hideous!
A fake Roller? - b308
Why? Because they didn't think of it first... a mini roller, that is... jealousy, eh!

They should bring back Vanden Plas if they own that trade name as well!
A fake Roller? - Rattle
At £30,000 there is going to be a lot of build quality issues on a car of that spec, even if it is built in China.
A fake Roller? - mike hannon
I think the front actually looks better than the real (hideously ugly) thing.
Wouldn't be surprised if the next 'facelifted' Phantom has the bigger headlights anybody but a blind man would have put on it in the first place.
Well done, China!
A fake Roller? - Chris M
I can see Alan Sugar sitting in the back with his two Apprentice sidekicks sitting on the floor either side of him, massaging his ego.
A fake Roller? - L'escargot
At £30 000 there is going to be a lot of build quality issues on
a car of that spec even if it is built in China.

What proof do you have of that? My dealings with Chinese manufacturers indicated that they can produce things to as high a quality as UK manufacturers, and quite often to a higher quality.
A fake Roller? - midlifecrisis
Search th net for everything from Chinese Smart cars to CRVs.


They shamelessly copy a multitude of vehicles and will stand next to the copy and deny all knowledge.

A fake Roller? - the swiss tony
more on the Smart clone

A fake Roller? - FocusDriver
I'm with the less cynical. Yes it's vulgar andd showy but it's £30k and I quite fancy trying out that throne myself. The problem would be that any chauffeur would probably need paying £30-50k to drive it.
A fake Roller? - midlifecrisis
A good link here with quite a few photos of identical copies. Everything form Daewoo Matiz to BMW 7 Series and Coaches

A fake Roller? - softopdriver
A good link here with quite a few photos of identical copies. Everything form Daewoo
Matiz to BMW 7 Series and Coaches

In terms of pure copying, the BMW is by far the worst executed of all that lot, it is jaw droppingly hideous.
A fake Roller? - Sofa Spud
I looked up a bit more on the ill-fated Lea Francis Lynx, the car that made the Edsel look like a runaway success!

Another story, maybe part of the same one, is that Lea-Frances was keen to emulate some of the stylish Italian sports car designs. The boss wanted something evocative of a catamaran too. In the end a cartoonist helped with the styling (I kid you not). The Jaguar Mk 10 bit was told to me by someone who worked for another luxury car maker at the time!
A fake Roller? - Lud
I forget what the model was called, but there was a Lea-Francis two-seater with a curved radiator grille in production for the company's last couple of years. Like all post-war Lea-Francises its styling was a bit awkward, but it wasn't bizarre like the prototype in the link photo.

I don't think many were sold however. Basically Lea-Francis were a vintage car manufacturer, building a very small number of cars by hand, hanging on long after most of their small-volume 'quality' contemporaries had been taken over by corporations or gone out of business. The two that spring to mind are Wolseley and Riley (Austin-Morris/BMC) but one could add Sunbeam-Talbot and Humber (Rootes Group). Another quality car maker, Armstrong-Siddeley, lasted into the early sixties and made latterly some very rapid large saloons. The remnants of Daimler, owned at that time by BSA, at the last minute made the very quick V8-powered Majestic Major before being amalgamated with Jaguar and becoming Jag clones.

Lea-Francis cars were old-fashioned but well made and quite rapid for their day. Owners liked them a lot. I wonder if anyone else has ever been in one?
A fake Roller? - Hamsafar
So in the Soviet European Union we're all going to troll around in washing-machine-motor powered plastic Noddy cars, whilst the peasants 'destroy the world' with copies of the most opulent cars we're expected to give up? You couldn't make it up!
A fake Roller? - madux
I saw one of those Micra-based MKII Jag copies last year. It fooled me for about 5 seconds from about 50 yards away. I decided in the end it looked fun!
A fake Roller? - Rattle
A neighbour has one of them too fooled me for about 1 second but the Micra's dash and doors and even front wings gave it away. Very cleverly done though forget the maker but it begins with M.
A fake Roller? - L'escargot

A fake Roller would have a Roller badge on it, just as a fake Rolex watch says Rolex on it.