Alternative to scrapping a sick Laguna? - MediumSizeBob
My 2003 Laguna Sport Tourer 160,000 miles, needs gearbox repair which will cost more than the value of the car. Otherwise the car is in reasonable condition have I any alternatives other than scrapping it? It would be nice to recover a few hundred pounds along the way but scrapping it seems to be such a waste! Any thoughts?
Alternative to scrapping a sick Laguna? - oldnotbold
Put it on Ebay clearly listing the fault. Put the scrap price as the reserve. Quite possible someone wants the interior or something.
Alternative to scrapping a sick Laguna? - bell boy
this is a common problem on the laguna 2 and is usually a diff or 5th speed problem
a decent gearbox repairman should sort this for £400 plus fitting
if the lackgloomer is ok in every other respect then better the devil you know i say
get down kylie
Alternative to scrapping a sick Laguna? - pd
ebay, honest description, plenty of photos, £1 no reserve start.

Putting any sort of reserve will put people off and you'll get a better finishing price without one.
Alternative to scrapping a sick Laguna? - Altea Ego
There are plenty of crashed lagunas knockin around the salvage yards to find a s/h box (I know mine was on that ended up there!)
Alternative to scrapping a sick Laguna? - stackman
My 2002 Laguna had the diff fail and so a new box was needed. I was quoted £1,700 for a replacement, as you say, more than the car's value.

I managed to source a second hand box for £400, keeping the car on the road for another year so far.

It's always tough to know when to let a car go, particularly when it is otherwise still in good fettle. £400 for the gearbox was worth it for avoiding the hassle of buying another car for about £1,500 who's history I did not know and could just as easily let go in a catastrophic way the folowing week.