Returning a car on PCP to Freeway - mikeyb
Just looking for a quick opinion on this.

My current Audi A3 is on a PCP and will be returned next month. It's on long life servicing, and it just happens that the service indicator is showing that the service will be due as the car is due to be returned. The condition of my contract is that I have to have all required servicing carried out.

Now, as it happens my new car may come early so I could potentialy return the car a couple of weeks earlier than planned (still making the last payment) and before the service is due - saving myself £250 - £300.

Others have told me that as long as the service is not yet due there should be no problem doing this, but I just wondered if anyone had any experience of this, and / or anyone has returned a car to Freeway so knows how strict / fair they can be
Returning a car on PCP to Freeway - Rattle
I would have thought it was of an interval, so if you car has now done 11,000 miles since your last service and its due every 12,000 (just for arguments sake) the last service receipt would have the milleage on so surely you can proof that the service is not yet due regardless of what the dashboard says?

If its not due you could always be naughty and get somebody to turn it off not sure if that would be ilegal though!
Returning a car on PCP to Freeway - daveyjp
Service is due when it''s due, not before. As long as it's still due when you hand it back and there are no requirements to have the service done within the last x months of handing the car back,you have met the terms of the agreement.

Just check the small print carefully for the rider that a service has to be done prior to you handing back.

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Returning a car on PCP to Freeway - brettmick
You can always terminate the agreement immediately?

The consumer action group has some posts - google it.

I sent my Saab back 4 months early this way, partly because it wasn't worth the GFV and also because the MOT, tax and service were due.

Returning a car on PCP to Freeway - IanJohnson
I would say that as long as it is saying "service due in xxx miles of yyy days" and not "service due now/overdue" (or whatever the message is) then you are fine because it is not technically overdue.

Have never pushed one of the VAG cars I have had long enough to see what the overdue message is.
Returning a car on PCP to Freeway - mikeyb
Thanks for the advice - have decided that I shopuld be OK and will argue it if they question it - as Ian states the message is service due in XX days / miles and it will still show about 30 / 2K .

Guess I just feel a little uneasy about giving it back at almost two years old when it hasnt had its first service yet
Returning a car on PCP to Freeway - mikeyb
Ian - my partners car clicked overdue a few days before its last service - message changed from service in X miles to SERVICE NOW