05 1.6 Instrument cluster fault symptoms - speedycar53
Can anyone shed light on the likely cause of the following problem in a MkII Focus?

Similar symptoms were common in the Mk I Focus it appears and attributed to the Instrument Cluster - featured on WatchDog.

Is it known whether this fault persisted in the Mk II model?

- battery warning light comes back on and stays on after the car has run for a short distance after starting from cold
- a few miles further on and the instruments go haywire - dials dropping to zero, engine warning lights and so on
- NB engine continues running absolutely normally
- symptoms have become more presistent over recent months.

Ford dealer failed to identify a fault a few months ago (when in warranty) and now wants to charge me to fix an as yet undiagnosed problem - open cheque. The dealer is saying their diagnostics now suggest the alternator is overcharging but the battery isn't "cooked", no bulbs have gone and an independent garage tested it at 16V which sounds OK to me. The dealer is suggesting it could also be the instrument cluster but they cannot check this because the test stops at the alternator check! Other forums suggest there is no diagnostic for the cluster anyway. Further suggestions have included the ECU and dodgey electrical connectors or wiring. Apparently the alternator is regulated via some part of the engine control system, so this may not be the root cause.

I am reluctant to have to pay £280 speculatively for a replacement alternator with no guarantee this is the real problem only to face further bills for who knows what!

05 1.6 Instrument cluster fault symptoms - elekie&a/c doctor
Very possibly an alternator or associated wiring fault.Dash pod going haywire are symptoms of an erratic/high charging voltage and 16volts is too high,infact it may even fluctuate higher.hth
05 1.6 Instrument cluster fault symptoms - bathtub tom
Do the earth connections under the battery and on the opposite wing getting corroded also affect MK2s?
05 1.6 Instrument cluster fault symptoms - MikeTorque
16v sounds high. If the alternator puts out too much charge then all kinds of weird things could occur as a result, much depends on the specific voltage limit of any given electrical component. Suspect the voltage regulator. A motor electrician should be able to locate and isolate the actual problem and advise accordingly.
05 1.6 Instrument cluster fault symptoms - sierraman
You used to be able to replace the voltage regulator/brush pack,a tenner and five mins work.If it is now controlled by the ECU that,apparently,is progress.Get an auto electrician to check it.
05 1.6 Instrument cluster fault symptoms - bp50
i have had the same problem for the last couple of months, had the alternator tested and was working ok charging at around 15. I then went to ford dealer to see if i could put it on test but no one was there to do it, but got some advice form a technician. He said that they remove the three pin plug from the rear of the alternator and close the connectors slightly and spray with a cleaner ie wd40. This i did and have now driven app 200 miles without anymore problems.The plug is a bit awkward to get off but can be done with a long thin screwdriver,take care when doing it . hope this helps
05 1.6 Instrument cluster fault symptoms - speedycar53
Thanks for the various replies and advice. Replacing the alternator was the solution in this particular case.
05 1.6 Instrument cluster fault symptoms - injection doc
The dash has a diagnostic mode & stores dash fault codes. hold the milage reset button then turn ign on still holding the button down untill "test" appears in the mileage display. then release button then scroll through tests. You can ignore some of the data but when you get to DTC's it will iether read "None" or have fault codes. read & write down You can also test the cluster when it fails & the test mode will put the dials through a sweep.
I suspect the volatge is too high form the alternator causing the IPK to shut down.
I would also find another dealer or question the competence of the one you are going too!
05 1.6 Instrument cluster fault symptoms - delph
Hi folks

My Ford Focus 2007 version is showing an intermittent fault that affects the instrument cluster. This has happened a few times with an interval of a month or so between the fault appearing.

The symptoms are that all the dials show incorrect readings, eg engine temp off the scale, speedo offset by 10-20 mph, rev counter going into the red.

When the ignition is turned off the dials continue to give readings. The fault will eventually clear after about 10-20 cycles of turning ignition on and off and the dials eventually fall back to zero. This means you have no reliable speedo while the fault is present.

The car was taken to mainline Ford dealer who reported "No fault found" and told me they cant try replacing anything as Ford wont let them unless they can supply a diagnostic error code.

I spoke to Ford UK and the outcome was effectively unless there is a diagnostic code there is nothing we can do and it was recommended that when the fault occured I try to get to a Ford dealer

Following some web links I found out how to put the cluster into diagnostic mode so the last time the fault occured I put the cluster into diagnostic mode and stepped through the tests
theres a video at www.youtube.com/watch?v=LyEsW_H86t4

Ive passed the videos on to Ford UK, who tell me they will investigate. Anyone else seen this fault?
05 1.6 Instrument cluster fault symptoms - bigalkiddy

I have a 55 plate ford focus 1.6 petrol sport and i have had the same issue all the lights lighting up and speedo rev counter and temp gauge flatlining then 10 minutes after its fine im booked in to have the cluster board refurbished by an auto electrician via a company who specifies in this area its costing me £150 to have it refurbed and £50 for the garages time so all in £200 its never had anything wrong with it so it doesnt seem too expensive


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