Eurotunnel getting less efficient? - GroovyMucker
The last two times we've crossed with Eurotunnel we've had a long wait at the GB side - completely unexplained by the staff - and, despite arriving a couple of hours early, have actually had to take a later crossing.

It's not a problem on the French side.

Anyone else noticed this, or have we just been unlucky?
Eurotunnel getting less efficient? - Armitage Shanks {p}
My experience was the exact opposite! Lightning check in at Folkestone; coming back really slow passport control (English). Intrusive questioning re my place of birth; If I have a UK passport with my photo in it why does it matter that passport man doesn't know where Woolamoloo is? Not relevant and very time consuming. Missed my booked Shuttle too!
Eurotunnel getting less efficient? - GroovyMucker
Glad to hear that, AS. There was a comment about my wife's place of birth, but very tongue-in-cheek ("Oh, that's posh!") but the French side of things was very efficient.
Eurotunnel getting less efficient? - boxsterboy
Yes, it was a bit annoying to turn up at Cheriton at 4.00 am back in February (having left home an hour earlier) to be told we would have to wait not 30 mins but 100 mins before we departed ...

Train breakdown, apparently. Oh well, I guess these machines are only human ...
Eurotunnel getting less efficient? - Westpig
every time i've been on the thing there's been a delay... and i've been pulled in for a search and a swab of the bike..... i'm beginning to think they have stereo-typical views re bikers
Eurotunnel getting less efficient? - DP
Apart from last year's fire which was still burning away merrily when we tried to check in last September to come home, I have had nothing but on time or early service. It's worked flawlessly for me.

Fast, efficient, and best of all, negates the need to get on that most hideous of transport methods - a boat!
Eurotunnel getting less efficient? - v8man
When has it ever been efficient? I've had nothing but delays with it. I use the ferries now with very little aggravation. Yes it takes longer but it is more relaxed and I enjoy my full English!
Eurotunnel getting less efficient? - b308
Well I've only ever had one delay with it, v8man, and at least I know when using it that any food eaten before travelling won't be thrown up like it would if we travelled on a boat... everyone to their own I suppose...

The Customs seem a bit more keen on the British side than the French though, we've been checked three times on our side and only once in France!

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Eurotunnel getting less efficient? - ifithelps
...i'm beginning to think they have stereo-typical views re bikers...

A law enforcement officer with a stereotypical view?

Surely not!

Eurotunnel getting less efficient? - regent
We prefer the ferry now as the train has become quite expensive in comparision, and we do enjoy the relaxation between the 2 motorways slogs to/from the channel ports - and the oppotunity for a large brekkie on the way to France.

The last time we did use the train, we were delayed for 3 hours becuase of a "train failure" only to subsequently find out that it was the day they attempted the fastest high speed run between London and Pairs - so we think that may have been a little fib!
Eurotunnel getting less efficient? - PR {P}
Just back from a trip to France and found the whole experiance very painless. Came back sunday, last day of Easter hols for many so was expecting some delays. Off the French motorway at 1200, departed on the 1252 and was on the M20 at 1230 (or 1330 French time). Beats the ferry by a good hour.

I know what you mean about the break though, but since we get the Chunnel effectively free (thanks Tesco) its a no brainer for us.