Advice please - sooty123
Anyone had one of these before. I quite like the look of them, came 7th in jd power what are they like to drive. Anything you didn't like qabout them, are spares a problem? Thought about the diesel, but I don't think I can make the extra cost of it, even though the engine is good as I don't do many miles and the ones that I do are m-way. Any problems with the V6 did they suffer from head gasket problems?
Advice please - DP
The KV6 got a bad reputation in the 800 for head gaskets, but AFAIK was redesigned for the 75, and became a good engine. Thirsty though.

I know several people with the non-MG (Rover 75) version of these cars. Two have CDTi diesels and the other has a 2.5 V6. All delighted, and wouldn't hesitate to buy another.

Apparently the last couple of years production has increasing evidence of cost cutting in materials used, as Rover started to run into financial trouble.
Advice please - midlifecrisis
I had a 2002 2.5 V6 for two years and without doubt it was one of the best cars I've ever owned. Superb handling, not a squeak or rattle (get the one with the upgraded leather and alcantara seats, they're super comfy).

The only thing you need to ensure it's had done is the fuel pump. The wiring ran through the petrol tank and would fail. It's a minor job and will probably have already been sorted. X Part still produce spares so shouldn't have a problem there. Certain body panels can take time to arrive (that may have been sorted by now). At five years they needed a cambelt change which was around £600 at dealer prices, so get one that's had it done.

I got low 30s mpg on the motorway. Engine has a great sound too.

I really miss mine. Go for it.

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Advice please - stunorthants26
The diesel seems to be the one to have. The petrols were nice when new, but seem to have been more troublesome when they get older.
Build quality was better when they were built under BMW and last of the line ones had poor paintwork, so id be looking for one around 2000-2002.
Advice please - pd
The ZT was never built under BMW but you're correct that the earlier ones seem slightly better quality. They did have some cost cutting later on but not as much as other MGR models.

The diesel is the best model but in standard 114bhp tune is slow - they can be upgraded to 135 spec by X-Part dealers or you can add a tuning box.
Advice please - stunorthants26
Sorry, I was referring to the 75 rather than the ZT which is basically the same in most respects.
I actually clean a ZT 1.8 which has clocked over 100k, owner is very happy with it and drives it all over the country. Its a 2003 model, no HGF either as yet.
Advice please - brg190 pete

I have a pre facelift 2004 ZT 2.5 V6 - owned it for just over a year. Before I bought it, I did try a diesel but hated it - v. noisy.

Pros :
Car has a split personality - responds well up to 3,000 revs - then, when you feel like it, push the revs higher and you get a kick and it takes off really fast, with that lovely V6 growl - v. addictive
Love both the exterior and interior
Fantastic handling for such a big car
Spare parts no problem in my experience
HGF does not seem to affect the V6
V. cheap (not when I bought my car, but they are now!)

Cons :
Had a lot of problems with the car soon after I bought it - new clutch system, water pump, thermostat, inlet manifold - spent out nearly £3k in repairs. But I think this was partly down to the garage I used!
When things go wrong, they tend to be expensive - see above
28 mpg - but you don't buy a V6 for economy
Probably going to be hit at some point with higher VED
Hard ride - but that could also be down to the poor roads
If you're going to use on the m-way, make sure you can live with the noise - it revs at ~4k at 80mph
Cost of cambelt £600

Most of the problems I've had seem to be common - I just had them all at once.

I do love the car - nothing else quite like it. If I had my time again, would I buy it? Yes, probably, but perhaps not the car I ended up with.

There is a great club - the 75 and ZT owners club - have a look at their site.

If you have any more specific queries, let me know. Oh, and don't take any notice of all those people who'll be along shortly saying what a rubbish car it is!
Advice please - bell boy
just be aware its now an old car, most were thrashed by drivers with coats hung up in the back in lower management positions and the company that made them went to the wall
apart from that they are fantastic cars i would have one tomorrow,in fact everyone should have one,they are reliable ,easy to work on,loads of room inside,crash parts are really plentiful and to top it all you will be the envy of all your neighbours------------------------------nurse,im ready
Advice please - brg190 pete
Bell boy

Thanks for proving my point so quickly.........
Advice please - bell boy
i praised them but also showed the downside
Advice please - pd
The diesels are probably the most reliable. Only real generic faults are in-tank fuel pumps and failing secondary electric fans. The fan, incidentally, is a problem shared with most BMW's from the same era (same fan system) yet for some reason they're not critisised for it......

The clutch slave cylinder can fail which is an expensive job but not a problem unique to the ZT.

V6's suffer from failure of the Variable Inlet System Valves which sometimes means a new intake manifold but can often be fixed with a bit of soldering.

They are not as cheap as they once were to buy as many have realised they are very good value.
Advice please - sooty123
I read that the face lifted ones were subjected to some cost cutting and not really to bother with them. Have seen a 2.5 2002 for £3k. I think thats great value think I'll have to go and test drive one.
Advice please - stunorthants26
Do avoid 1999 ones on a T-reg 75s as I know having worked for a Rover main dealer that the very earliest ones came with a days worth of upgrades and recalls to be done before delivery - testing procedure continued for the first 6 montsh while they ironed out issues but after that they were great.
Advice please - tonyl
My wife had a ZT diesel as a company car in 2004/5. She loved it, decent performance/economy combined with nice handling. However, it left her stranded at the side of the road three times with intermittent electrical faults. Not surprisingly she lost confidence in the car, so she got her fleet manager to arrange to have the thing shipped back to Longbridge. Shortly after, Rover/MG went bust so we never found out the outcome. Big shame on many levels, as when it worked it was so so nice...
Advice please - mrmender
We have as mentioned on here many times a 03 Rover 75 Cdti tourer. Brilliant long distance car Been faultless in our 5 years of ownership. Very underated car sadly not made anymore.
Someone mentioned the Diesels were noisy?? Compared to some VAG Diesels its almost silent.
Tyre Noise on certain tyres can be intrusive.
The only petrol i would go for would be the 4.6 V8 :)

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