99 1.8 Cam belt change?? - mstar
hi people i purchased my focus when it was 53k miles the previous guy said he had the cam belt changed. Its now done 84k and i am not sure when the duration is to change it?

i am confused on 2 things reading on here,

1. is the cam belt the same as timing belt?
2. also is this a major change? big labour cost and parts cost?
3. Is there a way i can notice it in the car? acceleration, speed etc? i guess does a old one change any charactieristics in the car???

please anyone who can help be much appreciated :-)
99 1.8 Cam belt change?? - daveyjp
Change period is 100,000 miles or every ten years.
Do you have evidence it has been changed, or was it sales patter?
Cambelt and timing belt same thing
Small parts cost, modest labour cost.
Possibly no indication - if a tensioner goes you may get a rattle just before it does, by then it's too late.

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99 1.8 Cam belt change?? - Viz
I have a 2001 1.8 petrol.
I remember buying the car at 10k miles and the dealer told me it was due to change at 80k miles. Ford then changed this to 100k miles.

I changed mine at 92k miles and one of the rotating pulley things was split in two places around the circumference. No damage, it was changed in time.

I wouldn't leave it past 85k in future.
99 1.8 Cam belt change?? - willow
Hi mstar

Cam belt and timing belt...one of the same thing

Ford recommend changing the belt at 100,000, had this confirmed recently by my Ford dealer. I was told I would be "very unfortunate if it snapped before this period".

There are no symptoms I am aware of that you would notice.

99 1.8 Cam belt change?? - Galaxy
Ford Zetec cambelts don't snap!

It's the pulleys or tensioner failing that causes the problems, not the cambelt.


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