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03 1.8 ABS warning light - ajith
Hi all
My car (Vectra 2003)i changed brake pad ,,(all side) after that when is drive is start to noize.. nearly 2 -3 days now .today i seen my dash bord showing ABS WARNING light i could't understand ...can you give one advice plse;


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03 1.8 ABS warning light - Dynamic Dave
Sounds like you disturbed something when you changed the pads. Start by taking the wheels off and looking for anything obvious. Ultimately though it would be better having it hooked up to a diagnostic reader to save the guesswork.
03 1.8 ABS warning light - topbloke
follow the wires from the hub to where they go onto the inner wing, you will find the wire disapears behind the plastic wheel arch liner, move the arch liner out of the way and check the wiring about an inch up from where it go's behind the liner, they corrode and break but just one wire once repaired you may have to get the codes cleared, Regards TB
03 1.8 ABS warning light - ajith

i changed brake pads after that this problem start. first i can here noise after abs light on dash bord . i tried brake test when i brake emergency i can feel abs working and dash bord light(abs) is diseppear. with in few minut same problem start. some time noise very irritable. sorry for disturb.
i told one off my friend then he suddenly asked did you changed brkake pad's. he told me somewhere setting is changed, i couldint find any setting . can u give one reply

03 1.8 ABS warning light - Dynamic Dave
As I previously mentioned, you need to have your car connected to a diagnostic reader to find out what has put the warning light on. Changing the brake pads shouldn't have upset the ABS system.

When you pushed the caliper pistons back in, did you force brake fluid back into the master cylinder, or slacken off the bleed nipples on the caliper? The only thing I can think of right now is if you forced brake fluid back into the master cylinder you could have damaged the ABS modulator.

Get the fault code(s) read out first though and post back what it/they were.

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