99 1.0 Fuel pump removal - johnreeves
Does any kind person out there know how to take the fuel pump out. I have got the inspection cover under back seats open and the pump is held down by a large ring nut. I have tried to move it with no sucess. Having to replace due to return connector leaking very badly. Any help greatly appreciated.

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99 1000 Fuel pump removal - bell boy
hi john
is car mk 1 punto?
99 1000 Fuel pump removal - johnreeves
mk1 punto 60
99 1000 Fuel pump removal - bell boy
Is it the pipe from the pump that has broke?
i assume yes as they go brittle and break as you try to change the fuel filter
you have to push the metal circlip down as you hit it anticlockwise with a screwdriver type tool
i cant remember if you have a plastic large ring to unscrew first
can you post a photo to remind the old brain
be careful of sparks and whatever you do when you fit a replacement be careful with the clips as a new pump used to be $200
if buying a s/h pump be aware this too will be brittle

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