Sunny day thoughts. - Pugugly
Never rated them much, but I had a go today in a friend's car. Nice motor especially on a sunny day - meaty engine (1.8 version) - but not much grunt. Comfy ride, no "scuttle shake" I could detect. RWD delights of course and it holds quite tenaciously of course. No need for reversing sensors when the roof is down either !

Now that car with a decently big engine (2.0 FSI maybe ?) would be something !
Sunny day thoughts. - Alby Back
Careful PU. Some of us might be accused of being too old to handle something like that......Better looking at a Nissan Micra droptop or something now that we can't handle corners at any speed......Aye I can just about recall when I could tame a decent motor, back in the dark ages of course.

Pah !

Sunny day thoughts. - DP
Of all the cars we've owned, it's our old X-reg MX-5 1.8iS that SWMBO and I both miss the most. Bought at a year and a bit old, sold just under 2 yrs later when mini-DP was due to be born. SWMBO is amazingly unsentimental when it comes to cars, but even she goes misty eyed when we talk about it. We would both jump at the chance to own another, but it would have to be as a toy.

Fun, reliability, build quality and character in spades. Delightful handling, quick enough (just) and like all good sports cars, it turns even A to B running about into an occasion.

Hood and heater are both good enough to use the car in all weathers. A perfectly useable all year round daily driver. Ours was SWMBO's 30 mile a day commuter as well as our weekend toy.

Sunny day thoughts. - Pugugly
It's for sale - 34k 02 in blue FSH one owner/driver (apart from my stint today) about 5.5k will secure it. Nice car. Be in Classifieds soon.
Sunny day thoughts. - bathtub tom
They're OK for getting into the passenger seat with the hood down, but getting behind the wheel with the hard top on - too much for my old bones. :>(
Sunny day thoughts. - MGspannerman
SWMBO had a Eunos, jap import, for 2.5 years. only a 1600 but went like clockwork and was a thoroughly reliable and enjoyable car. In 20k miles it had an oil and filter change and a new battery. Only sold it as MIL at her advanced age and having suffered a broken leg could not get in and out of it. the only consolation is that we sold it for £1.5k more than we bought it for. Cheap and very enjoyable motoring. I would have another like a shot, but not good for tall chaps like me so strictly summer motoring. lovely! And just light years better than the MG equivalent.

Sunny day thoughts. - Avant
They're lovely little cars, and I was very tempted when looking for a fun car for £6k-8k last summer. But an MX-5 can't match the sound of a BMW straight-six, and that was what got me into a Z3, even though the Mazda's handling is just a little sharper.
Sunny day thoughts. - Pugugly
It felt super sharp after the grey porridge of Skoda and CRV - a cracking little motor though. Long clutch stroke 0r was it me ?
Sunny day thoughts. - T Lucas
Theres always room for one in my garage,best little convertible by miles.
Sunny day thoughts. - Steveieb

Dear PU. Is the MX 5 in the metallic turquiose colour? Its not on the classified yet!

Sunny day thoughts. - Pugugly
Solid - not my car a friend's therefore at her mercy
Sunny day thoughts. - ohsoslow
It's turning into a lovely day here after a misty start.

Will finish my normal Sunday chores. Check the oily, rubbery and watery bits, then herself and I will head off to the Peak District in the 5, find a little pub for lunch and enjoy the countryside. Then a quick visit to MIL - there's always a small price to pay.

Roof down - the only way to travel on days like this.
Sunny day thoughts. - martint123
I got my '90 6 years ago now for two grand and apart from two springs breaking, slipping clutch last year (changed at home) disks and pads it has been a faultless runner.
For what is nearly a 20 year old car it's condition is damn good.

What's more, in a month it will probably be worth 2 grand again (as a part ex) but I don't think I'll be buying a new car and scrapping it.

The only downsides are space and the lack of for carting bags of sand/cement around.
Sunny day thoughts. - Alby Back
Now y'see, there I was today, warm sun streaming down directly on me and my son, driving along in a fine handling car, not worth a great deal but pleasant and reliable. About half a skipload of general rubbish with us as well on our way to the tip. MX5 ? Er .... Old diesel Mondeo estate with a sunroof. Well, I can dream. Anyway, try doing a tip run in an MX5.......Still got a bit of a tan.

Sunny day thoughts. - rtj70

When my brother moved to the California, until he got a driving track record to reduce premiums he got a Mazda MX5 (Miarta there) and he loved it. Then he moved on to a Jeep Grand Cherokee 5.2l V8. But he liked the Mazda a lot.

I'd like one too for the nice weather days.

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Sunny day thoughts. - Harleyman
I did seriously consider one before buying the Hyundai Coupe. Lack of boot space was one reason against (I was doing long-distance HGV at the time and carried a lot of kit to and from work) and I confess the other was the "hairdresser's car" tag.

I still like the Hyundai very much, being a 2001 model with the twin front lights it is not a common sight on the roads and it's good fun, but on a nice sunny day like it's been today I do wonder if I really made the right choice.

Sunny day thoughts. - ohsoslow
"hairdresser's car" tag.

I'm too old and thick skinned to worry about that tag and you certainly wouldn't want me anywhere near your hair with a pair of scissors.

With many relatives, friends and neighbours, some much younger than me, popping their clogs from cancer, heart problems etc the wife and I decided to squander some of the kids' inheritence on a fun car while we could still enjoy it. The 5 ticked all of the boxes for us without costing a lot - there are of course other 'fun' cars out there.

We are fortunate to have a tatty normal car for everyday use.

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Sunny day thoughts. - Pugugly
The hairdresser thing raised its head yesterday - the owner was of the view that this related to particular colours only - my hair (full head of hair despite life's tribulations) did take on a a rather strange flapping sensation at some speeds......
Sunny day thoughts. - ohsoslow
Mr. Pug,

There is of course an easy remedy to this problem as there is a great selection of headwear available which should help. Flat cap (and pipe) are almost compulsory wear for Morgans for instance, so I'm told :-).

The wife has numerous hats for Mazda use, depending on what the weather is doing. A baseball hat is my usual choice, but a warmer piece of kit is needed when we go out in the winter.

As I have said in my previous post, I no longer care what people think I look like when I am enjoying myself in my toy!
Sunny day thoughts. - Pugugly
I was offered the use of a baseball cap - but the foray into two previously unexplored regions of life was too much for one day !
Sunny day thoughts. - bathtub tom
You could've gone for the triple.

Put the baseball cap on backwards.
Sunny day thoughts. - ohsoslow
My apologies Mr. Pug for even suggesting a baseball cap. I should have been more aware that those of senior years can only handle small doses of cultural shock at one time. Let me assure you that the wearing of a cap will not in itself bring down civilised society (wearing it backwards may be a little more risky though). I was concerned about your welfare, stray strands of hair blowing around and the chance of sunburn on possibly thinning areas was my worry.

I will try to remember to have more respect in any further posts.
Sunny day thoughts. - Pugugly
No thinning bits on me bonce !

Sunny day thoughts. - ifithelps
..No thinning bits on me bonce !...

Plenty on mine, but I've found a baseball, or at least a peaked cap, to be essential when driving the CC3 with the top down to avoid glare.

Is the sun lower at this time of year?
Sunny day thoughts. - Pugugly
Yes an ikle
Sunny day thoughts. - DP
I had the hairdresser comments from a few people. Usually a quick drive over some local B-roads made them shut up.

Nobody who has ever driven one in anger, or who knows cars above badges and image, would ever utter such complete nonsense. Interestingly, the true petrolheads among my friends only ever reacted positively to the car.

Sunny day thoughts. - FocusDriver
Nobody who has ever driven one in anger, or who knows cars above badges and image, would ever utter such complete nonsense.

Easter Monday seems like a good time for some self-catharsis.

I am guilty of the "hairdresser" tag's perpetuation, at least in part as I'm only one person and can't be blamed entirely...

It all happened over the last few weeks at work. A colleague went and bought an immaculate '01 Celica; a car I said I liked very much. But now, I'm told "you can't have one because I've got one now". So, I am forbidden by a junior colleage from buying this model car. Another colleague then resolved to get an oldish TT announcing that this also would be removed from the list of allowable cars.

Seeing a list of possibilities disappearing I looked briefly at the S2000 (but on a 02 plate) and Z3. Then, someone suggested an MX-5. I'm afraid I erred and, in a moment of weakness, and angry at being barred from owning certain cars by people 10 years younger than me, said the "hairdresser" thing.

It didn't go down well and I was suitably chastened. "But who cares if it's a brilliant car" came back the choral response. I wasn't expecting this from three early 20-somethings still wrapped up in their own testosterone and machismo.

Egg all over my face. Lesson learnt :)
Sunny day thoughts. - ohsoslow
Me again Mr. Pug,

Another suggestion for headwear should you care to venture out in a drop top again. Look at the HJ's video review of the 308CC in which he is seen wearing a more conservative alternative to a baseball cap. If not to prevent comb-over hair being displaced or sunburn on thin areas it would at least shield you from sun stroke.

Re. the review, Warm air blowers to the back of your neck! The world's going soft. I would invent a car with a full steel roof that prevents all of the drafts and wind in the hair problems that a convertible suffers from.
Sunny day thoughts. - martint123
When I was cleaning and tidying up mine after I bought it I found a rental agreement form from a previous owner tucked in the storage slot behind the passenger seat.

Occupation "stylist". (oh dear!).

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Sunny day thoughts. - FocusDriver
Martin, thanks for a very welcome belly laugh :)
Sunny day thoughts. - martint123
And don't forget PU that if you feel a lack of power, the a turbo or blower kit can be fairly economically fitted and without disastrous insurance increases.

There have been a couple of early '5s on ebay that have had V8's fitted.

And don't forget this lot to repel insults :-
Sunny day thoughts. - Pugugly
Its for sale.......officially, its in Mica Blue - a very straight one owner car. Just cleaned it this afternoon with her and taken it for a spin wearing a very HJ type hat.
Sunny day thoughts. - spikeyhead {p}
They're not bad cars, just far too slow for me.

I've been out for a hoon this afternoon, dinner at the Ace Cafe with friends before pottering home up the M1 at no more than half its maximum speed.
Sunny day thoughts. - ohsoslow
They're not bad cars just far too slow for me.

So how fast do you want to go on UK public roads?