Buying a Transit with Duratorq engine - Steveieb

I'm seriously contimplating buying an 05 Transit with a main dealer service history and 37000 miles on the clock. its up for £5500 + Vat which is top book, but its in unmarked condition. I will have to pay the VAT !

Concerned about the huge potential repair costs of this Common Rail engine which won't be covered by a warranty as it is a private sale.

Is this the same engine that is fitted to the Mondeo and has been the subject of extensive discussion following the appearance of warning lights on the dashboard? Its had a new clutch at 10,000 miles which I understand was fitted following a modification to the design.

Grateful for any advice on this purchase as a wrong decision may have a potentially disasterous effect on my small business. I currently run a 99 Transit 80 which is proving tiring to drive all day, but is mechanically sound albeit a little rusty.

Most grateful to hear from anyone who has experience of this van.
Buying a Transit with Duratorq engine - Steveieb

Forgat to mention that the van is out of warranty, and is a private sale.

Buying a Transit with Duratorq engine - bell boy
check the man before the van and the log book to the property
transits are easilly ringed
also obviously its easy to clock a transit (ive seen it done they take the dash out to do it and stick it on a machine,took the bloke 5 mins tops)
find out whats van was used for
did it have more than one owner
does it did it have a dmf
why was clutch changed
does it make a funny noise when turned off like a bolt being dropped on the floor
its a lot of wongo to drop with no warranty and a shake of the hand
Buying a Transit with Duratorq engine - Rattle
If it is a private sale then surely there is no VAT to pay?
Buying a Transit with Duratorq engine - Steveieb
Many thanks for your advice.

The Transit was owned by a local tradesman, who has ordered a new model for delivery later this month. He is VAT registered so I'll have to pay the VAT.

The clutch was changed by the main dealer without being requested So I assume it was a recall.

Has the duratork engine suffer from the same foibles as the Mondeo? If so would an older model be preferable?


Buying a Transit with Duratorq engine - kerbed enthusiasm
I have to admit that I don't know if it's the same engine that's used in a Mondeo. Nevertheless, the legend that is Screwloose advises never to buy a common rail diesel out of warranty.

I did; it was a Mondeo estate that had just hit the 80k mark. It came with FSH and drove beautifully. It broke down regularly after the first few months of ownership, notably when I was travelling in the outside lanes of motoways. My local Ford dealership had the car countless times and countless times claimed to have cured it (I once travelled less than two miles from the garage before the glow plug of doom light started to flash again).

The only upside of ownership was the exercise I got pedalling to and from the garage...

I now own a car with a proper diesel engine: loud, gruff and reliable!
Buying a Transit with Duratorq engine - DP
I had a common rail diesel out of warranty. The engine was a peach and never missed a beat. Shame about the clutch and electrics......

When you consider over half of new registrations are diesel, and the vast majority of those are common rail, I firmly believe we'd be seeing them dead at the side of the road all the time if they were as inherently unreliable as some make out. What is true beyond any doubt though, is that many service personnel don't understand common rails, and it doesn't take much to go wrong in order to generate a truly eye watering repair bill.
Buying a Transit with Duratorq engine - none
Legal and dodgy things aside.
You didn't mention what sort of Transit it is, but assuming FWD you shouldn't have too many problems.
I work on quite a few hire Transits and don't know of a clutch problem, only clutch master cylinder probs. At that sort of mileage it's probably nearing the time for new tyres all round (assuming that they've been changed front to rear during servicing) and as the brakes last about as long as the tyres, new pads all round. Noisy front wheel bearings are common, even at low mileage, and they are a pig to change - as are the front brake disc's. Enginewise, I can't think of any major issues, I've come across a couple of injector pump problems on high mile vans, but overall, minor oil leaks are the biggest problem. It's well worth taking a close look at the doors and ply lining (if fitted), general condition will give a guide to past use. Check that the remote locking works on all doors.

Buying a Transit with Duratorq engine - Ravenger
Another thing to check is that they replaced the dual-mass flywheel at the same time as the clutch. My Dad used to drive transits, and his van had to have the clutch replaced twice. The second time it failed because they should have replaced the DMF when they replaced the clutch originally.
Buying a Transit with Duratorq engine - ifithelps
The van was owned by a local tradesman who has presumably been about in the locality for a few years.

That's about as good a provenance as you'll get.

The engine is detuned compared to the car installation which I would have thought can only help reliability.

We run a small fleet of vans at work and have had several makes over the years, but always seem to come back to Transits.

Shouldn't think you'll go far wrong with a Tranny, particularly a nice, genuine one.

Buying a Transit with Duratorq engine - none
Transit clutches generally last well. In my experience the RWD versions are a bit more of a problem than FWD. Maybe it's because the RWD one's are usually 2.8 - 3.5 tonners. The DMF does fail, but not on a regular basis. The first sympton is often starter motor failure, caused by dust and debris from the flywheel contaminating it.
On the other hand, Transit starter motors aren't that long lived anyway - any sort of noise needs investigation.
If the clutch was repaired as a non warranty repair (wear and tear) maybe the assembly was replaced with a cheaper solid flywheel (modified ?) job.
Buying a Transit with Duratorq engine - Steveieb

Many thanks for all this useful information. I'm totally overwhelmed by the depth of knowledge out there!

There is another message of doom for the CR bashers on todays letters to HJ where contaminated diesel led to all sorts of failures on a 2007 TDCI Modeo.

The Transit I have in mind is a FWD Duratorq engines which is CR. Strangely enough it has just had a starter motor replacement which may indicate another clutch may soon be needed. The original clutch was replaced at 10,000 miles under warranty. But the flywheel wasn't changed by the main dealer.

The message seems clear that I need to buy a comprehensive warranty to support the potential claims. I phoned Warranty Direct but they havn't called back Are they trying to tell me something??

Sounds like I will be holding onto my 99 Transit 80 which has stone age mechanicals but is oh so tiring to drive all day. Unless of course you can come up with a solution.


Buying a Transit with Duratorq engine - mattbod
Simples as Alexander the meerkat would say, try a VW Transporter with the 1.9 TDI PD engine. The engine is loud and gruff but pulls like a train. The engine is a Unit injector unit rather than common rail. The injectors and pump are one unit and driven by an extra lobe of the camshaft. Check for a full histry though ad that the engine has been run on the correct oil as it demands a special grade oil (505.01 or 500.01 for long life) due to that highly stressed top end. It seems to be a more durable set up than CR from what i have read.

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Buying a Transit with Duratorq engine - 659FBE
The correct oil grades for a VAG PD diesel engine are 505.01, 506.01 or 507.00. Only.

This engine has, in my experience a far more reliable fuel system than that fitted to Ford diesel engines and will give good service when correctly maintained.

Buying a Transit with Duratorq engine - Martin Devon
Good evening all,

I have owned and run an 02 Renault master from new. 88k now and still going strong. Common rail and chipped. Pulls like a train. Always loaded fairly well and doesn't complain. Had early issues with side loading door locks (2). Changed 2 pulleys on the serpentine belt run. MOT just gone had 2 ball joints changed. Had 1 wheel bearing changed £80.00 part. Not much else I can think of really. Change my oil and filter every 5-7k.

I am a moaning git when things ain't right as anyone who knows me will confirm with glee!!

I would have another one tomorrow and I think there are some blinding deals out there. Pick your target dealer or private and pay very little methinks.

Very best regards.......Martin
Buying a Transit with Duratorq engine - mattbod
Apologies for wrong info on PD oil 6599 is correct!!! The AA use the Vauxhall version of the Renault and the last AA guy I spoke to spoke highly of the 1.9 Renault engine but VW is the only way to go if you don't trust Common Rail technology.

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Buying a Transit with Duratorq engine - Steveieb

I'm new to the forum . But really appreciate the depth of knowledge I have received from all the contributors on this subject.

I had set my heart on the Transit as it is in green ( I repair and sell lawn mowers!) and has perfect bodywork. But I'm not prepared to take the risk of a CR engine without a warranty at the asking price of 5.5k + VAT (05 plate) I did not receive a reply from Warranty Direct to my enquiry, which is dissapointing. So I'll chase them up.

The transit has more space to carry ride on lawn mowers than a transporter and its lower for loading. But we have three ancient VW /Audis with 1.9 diesel engines so realise exactly what a strong unit this is.

Can anyone tell me whether the Transits prior to 05 (duratorq) have a less complicated arrangement. Say 02 -04 plate. My 2.5DI (99) has been absolutely brilliant except its so tiring to drive as the clutch judders like mad when warm. It was only replaced 18 months ago. But I suspect it may have been used for towing (Flywheel damage?)

Buying a Transit with Duratorq engine - Steveieb

Once again many thanks to all the contributors . I'm overwhelmed by the depth of knowledge that exists on the forum.

I have come to the conclusion that buying a CR without a comprehensive warranty dosn't make sense as it could bankrupt my small business. I service lawn mowers and I'm only in my second yesr of business!

Dissapointing that Warrany Direct did not respond to my enquiry. Could this warranty be the answer? The van is a 05 plate and is up privately for 5.5k + Vat which I will have to pay.

Thanks fopr the comments about VW engines. However the Transit is better for transporting ride on mowers.

My 99 Transit 80 has been brilliant. But has a nasty clutch judder when warm (new clutch 18 months ago) and is so tiring to drive.

Buying a Transit with Duratorq engine - Steveieb

Soory for the duplication . Getting the hang of the forum
Buying a Transit with Duratorq engine - ifithelps

Think you might be taking too much notice of the common rail doom mongerers.

As DP says, if they are as bad as people say, you would see them littering the nation's hard shoulders.

I've just put 80k trouble free-miles on a 2002 common rail Focus and am about to do much the same to a new one.

Another of the regular riders on here has put about 150k on a common rail Mondeo and would swear by them, if the forum filter didn't block him.

The newer engine addresses the problems of harshness you have identified with your older one and you say the rest of the van suits you well.

That's my view, but it's your decision, obviously.