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Laptop screens - Rattle
I have been given a P4 dell with 512MB RAM, I gave the customer the hard drive and took the laptop itself. She was getting rid of it because the screen is faulty it only displays half but it, the invertor is working fine and so is the back light.

I have removed the screen and reconnected it and it is still the same. The laptop is worth £100 in a working condition but it will need a screen and a new hard drive. Has the screen had it or is there anything I can do to repair it?

I can get a replacement screen but they are usualy far too expensive on ebay, the laptop is 5 years old so it is not worth spending much money on, it just seems a shame to chuck it out in the bin because the motherboard is faultless.
Laptop screens - Falkirk Bairn
£200 buys a netbook fixing an old PC is not viable.

Only solution is to sell the motherboard/keyboard to somebody with a working screen.
Sony E Reader - Armitage Shanks {p}
I have a Sony E Reader (Electric Book for travel). I need to reinstall the software on my laptop so that I can download books and manage them on my computer. When I try to install I get a message along the lines of "This version of the software is not supported in your region and the installation cannot continue". Sony help line suggested that I check the regional setting on my computer and it is set for UK. I tried the CD on a computer at work this morning and it would have installed OK if I had allowed it but I need it installed at home. Also, uninstallation, at home, failed so I am in a limbo-land where it isn't unistalled and can't be reinstalled! Any ideas please, Oh Wise Ones?
Unallocated disk space. Vista - BB
Hi all,

I am running Vista and looking under computer management, I have got 674Mb unallocated disk space. I have tried to format and create a partition but I already have 4 partions so it won't let me.

Can I merge this unallocated space to one of the other partitions?

Unallocated disk space. Vista - jbif
BB - can you answer these questions please:
1. Vista - which version?
2. Total Disk size, and size of existing 4 partitions.
3. Did you mean 674 Mb (Mb= Megabits), or did you mean MB (MB=MegaBytes) ?

If Mb, then it is too small to try to do anything with it, in case something goes wrong in meddling with the HD.
If MB, your best bet is to merge it with one of the adjoining partitions [I think some Vista versions may not have that merge option]. But even so, I should make a back up image of the HD before doing anything.

Freeware for disk imaging:

All above is my opinion, and not advice.
Unallocated disk space. Vista - BB
Hi jbif

It is Windows Visa Home Premium SP1

4 partions. 80Gig Disk. One partition at about 65Gig, one at around 7Gig, one at around 700MB and the other at 800MB. The unallocated space is 674MB (MegaBytes)

I have tried to Extend the voulme on each of the partitions but it is always greyed out so I can't figure out how to merge?

Unallocated disk space. Vista - rtj70
Windows does not come with disk partition resizing tools. I assume you want all of the other partitions?

One option is to convert one of the disk partitions from basic disk into a dynamic one. You can then add the space to that. But it won't extend it in the sense of making it bigger - it will have the extra space added. Same result. This assumes NTFS partitions.

If you feel confident you could try booting of a Ubuntu live CD (don't install it) and use the disk management tools that came with that.
Unallocated disk space. Vista - BB
Thanks all.

Got round it by copying the data from Partition 2 to external, deleting partition 2 then extending partition 1.
Unallocated disk space. Vista - jbif
Windows does not come with disk partition resizing tools >>

Vista does!

".... Windows Vista's Disk Management console tool will allow you to repartition your existing hard disk any way you want. In other words, it will now allow you to shrink, extend, create, and format partitions without putting your data in jeopardy .... "

Unallocated disk space. Vista - ifithelps
Just out of interest, why might a computer user want to repartition a disk?

I know this must be wrong, but to me there's either space on the disk for your data, or there's not.
Unallocated disk space. Vista - Stuartli

Quicker than typing out the details....
Unallocated disk space. Vista - ifithelps


Don't think I'll be partitioning in the near future, but I can now see why more advanced users might want to.

Unallocated disk space. Vista - jbif
Don't think I'll be partitioning in the near future, ... >>

As in the case of the OP ("BB"), some Vista PC and/or laptops are supplied with multiple partitions. Eg. some Dell models have 4 partitions from the factory:

I have three dedicated partitions to keep documents, music and photo/movie files separated. This to
1. try and minimise them being stored in tiny fragments spread all over the main disk
2. keep my data separate from the OS and other software.
This means that the OS and software partition can be restored afresh on its own every now and again, to clear out the inevitable junk and fragmentation that builds up with regular security or other updates. It also means that if the OS partition gets infected by malware, again there is a good prospect that it can be reinstated to an earlier backup image without damage to the other partitions.

Unallocated disk space. Vista - the swiss tony
I have three dedicated partitions to keep documents music and photo/movie files separated.

It also means that if the OS partition gets
infected by malware again there is a good prospect that it can be reinstated to
an earlier backup image without damage to the other partitions.

It also means that backing up data is also a lot easier..
I have 6 partitions on my home built PC, one for OS, then one each for, photos, music, downloads, downloaded movies (i player etc), and then one as a swap file... maybe a little OTT but hey!
Unallocated disk space. Vista - the swiss tony
BTW yes, I am up early on a Bank Holiday Saturday, but some us have to go in to work, just in case your car breaks down, or you want a new one????
MP3 Conversion - geoff1248
Some time ago I converted the bulk of my music CDs to MP3 format and put them on my MP3 player. A couple of the original CDs have since been damaged but as all the CD players in our house/cars will not handle MP3 format I need to convert the music back from MP3 format to the original format that they were in on the CDs. I have a program that seems to convert from MP3 format to a number of other formats but what format are CDs actually in?
MP3 Conversion - Stuartli
You need to convert the MP3 files to .cda files (audio CDs format) or MP3>.wav>.cda.

These should help: (well known application)

MP3 Conversion - geoff1248
Thanks for that, much appreciated
MP3 Conversion - SpamCan61 {P}
If you use Windows media player - or most other music playing / burning programmes- it will convert the MP3s back into the correct CD audio format automatically before it burns the CD ;provided it knows that you want to burn a CD audio format via the appropriate option.I use this frequently when burning CDs for SWMBO's car.
MP3 Conversion - Stuartli
The same, in fact, applies to Nero (I have Nero6 Reloaded); StartSmart details the route to take.
Basic back-up - update. - ifithelps
Bought a Western Digital My Passport usb drive.

Problem - It won't work with Vista's own back-up utility - as confirmed by several frustrated posters on Vista forums.

Solution - download Karen's Replicator.

Job done, I think, but I'm a bit hacked off because the simple steps above have taken me an hour or two to work through.

I'm also only fairly certain that I have set up the job correctly in Replicator.

Wish I could just use the back up utility already installed in Vista.

At my level, nothing in computing is straightforward.

Beam me up, Scotty.
Basic back-up - update. - Pugugly
Buy an Apple !
Basic back-up - update. - ifithelps
Only solicitors can afford those.
Basic back-up - update. - the swiss tony
Buy an Apple !

But which type?
I like Granny Smiths........
Basic back-up - update. - Altea Ego
Buy an Apple !

As you cant do much with it, you dont need to back anything up
Basic back-up - update. - bell boy
something for the OP to get his teeth into though on a bank holiday sunday ;-)
Basic back-up - update. - ifithelps
Well, I suppose I bought a lemon yesterday, so another piece of fruit will do me no harm.
Basic back-up - update. - rtj70
I think the Apple Automatic backup solution that works very well is Time Capsule. I am probably wrong. I have a friend who runs a site for Apple Mac people to get info on how to use products etc. He uses one at home.

I cannot say the site because it would be an advert.
YouTube - Chris S
Does YouTube save a copy of the video that you're watching to your hard-disk?

When I watch another video and then go back to the first one it doesn't seem to load any quicker the second time around.

Is there an XP setting I could set? Thanks.
YouTube - mfarrow
I don't think you can do anything about this - the whole idea of YouTube is that you download material on demand, but the owners can subsequently remove material whenever they want. Therefore I don't think there's any way you can 'save' files viewed.

Just be thankful you're not using BBC iPlayer!

Edited by mfarrow on 14/04/2009 at 14:06

YouTube - crunch_time
You can download the (.flv) file using Firefox plus addon. You will then need something like VLC (free) to view it.

YouTube - SpamCan61 {P}
Indeed, I use downloadhelper :-
YouTube - jbif
download and save youtube files

download and save BBC iplayer files

YouTube - SpamCan61 {P}
:-) I'd forgotten all about lmgtfy.

Trouble is that doesn't sort out the wheat from the chaff. :-/

YouTube - Stuartli
I've got hundreds of music videos downloaded from YouTube using Save2PC (freeware):

They play back in Windows Media Player and are kept in a dedicated YouTube folder; the tracks and/or artistes are listed alphabetically and automatically by Save2PC. I downloaded the FF Downloadhelper the other day to see if it is superior to Save2PC, but not used it yet.

By the way, if you install the K-Lite Audio and Video Codecs Full Pack you can play back virtually any video files:
Web design software - borasport20
I have a little 'hobby' website, which has been created using a peice of software called NetObjectsFusion. I fell of the upgrade train for NOF several versions ago, and to get a copy of the allegedly quite poor,current version would cost in the region of $200, so I'm thinking of biting the bullet and starting from scratch

Id any Broomers have any recommendations for free/cheap wysiwyg web desgin software that would cope, without a massive learning curve, with the current content of [and yes, I know the home page is out of date :-)] I'd be interested. I shall of course be perusing the magazine racks at the weekend, but I often find myself baffled by the terminology

p.s. - I think I may have asked this before, but I never got as far as actually biting the bullet
p.p.s. - Unless it has changed radically since I looked at it a couple of years ago, I really just dont get on with Dreameaver
Web design software - billy25
Hi Borasport,
i've heard good reports about wordpress, tis a free download and apparently very easy to install and use, - you can download it here, it also has a handy step-by-step installation guide should you need it.

If you would like to see what it looks and feels like from the "surfer" side you can try it here! (i've no connection with the site, just using it as a demo)



Listing "Favorites" in Vista - drbe
I have just bought a laptop running Vista. My PC runs XP.

In XP I can have my list of 'Favourites' shown down the left hand side of the screen. This doesn't seem to be possible in Vista.

Is there a way round this?
Listing "Favorites" in Vista - ifithelps
Assume you're using Explorer.

Click on favourites - a little orangey/gold star - which should open your list of favourites.

At the top right hand corner of that box there is a little green arrow.

Clicking on that should put the favourites list on to the left hand side of the screen.

Explorerspeak calls the command 'Pin the Favorites Center'.

Edited by ifithelps on 19/04/2009 at 13:42

Listing "Favorites" in Vista - Dynamic Dave
Assume you're using Explorer.
Click on favourites

Alternately press Ctrl+H to open the favourites listing.
Listing "Favorites" in Vista - drbe
Thank you.
Internet Explorer Cannot Open The Internet Site - drbe
Internet Explorer cannot open the internet site followed by my mail providers url - is the message that I am getting when I acces my mail.

The strange thing is that the site does seem to open normally.

Should I do anything?

{typo in header corrected}

Edited by Dynamic Dave on 22/04/2009 at 11:01

Internet Explorer Cannot Open The Internet Site - Dynamic Dave
when I acces my mail.

What email software are you using?

Does this happen with all web addresses, or only certain ones?
Internet Explorer Cannot Open The Internet Site - drbe
Which email software? I am not sure - at a guess Outlook Express. Does this make sense?

Only the email.

Edited by drbe on 22/04/2009 at 14:08

Internet Explorer Cannot Open The Internet Site - jbif
Which email software? I am not sure - at a guess Outlook Express. Does this make sense? >>

Are you sure you not using "webmail" that you access by going to a website?
r are you using an application such as Outlook or OExpress or Thunderbird installed on your PC?

If you are using IE7 as the browser to access the emails, may I suggest that you try upgrading to IE8 or use an alternative such as Firefox [which is less complex than IE and is preferred in droves by "noobs" and "non-geeks"].
If you are a geek, then you could try finding the root cause of the "Internet Explorer Cannot Open The Internet Site" error message by wading through the optons here:
"March 20, 2009 - Revision: 7.1
You receive an error message in Internet Explorer: "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage" "

Internet Explorer Cannot Open The Internet Site - drbe
>> >> Are you sure you not using "webmail" that you access by going to a website?

Sorry, you may guess by the number of times that I ask questions in the CRQ thread that I am extremely ignorant computer-wise.

I use Yahoo Mail - is that webmail?

I will try IE8.
Internet Explorer Cannot Open The Internet Site - Dynamic Dave
I use Yahoo Mail - is that webmail?

If you access it via Internet Explorer, then yes.
Computerised till for shops / display - BobbyG
We currently have 13 charity shops and we are looking at "modernising" them.

Part of this would be to introduce email , computerised tills (as opposed to the wind up fisher price we currently use) and an LCD type information screen on the wall probably running a powerpoint type presentation.

One firm has gave me a quote for computerised till which is basically computer, touch till on which can access email etc. However would only be able to use email out of shop hours when the till function is not being used I assume? It would also be an issue the fact that the computer is at the till and not in the back office.

Also is it possible to get a computer to run two softwares simultaneously on two different screens ie a computer to run a till and a powerpoint presentation on an LCD screen?

Anyone give me any general advice, I can ask the firm about the specifics of their software package but anyone any thoughts on how best I could link all these together at the cheapest option

ie, email / printing in back office, computerised till in shop, and LCD powerpoint in shop?

Many thanks!!
Computerised till for shops / display - TimOrridge
Yes, it is possible to run the two apps but you could only control them with one input device (keyb, mouse). We have it at work for display purposes. You will need a dual head graphics or an extra PCI graphices card installing. Then when the drivers installed you can configure it (where you change resoloution) select "extend my desktop to this monitor". You will see a 1 and 2 where the monitor display is.
Computerised till for shops / display - Stuartli
If you have a graphics card capable of serving two monitors, Windows normally automatically displays two "monitor screens" in Display Properties>Settings, numbered 1 and 2.
Computerised till for shops / display - BobbyG
Thats interesting guys - I will look into further.
Computerised till for shops / display - Mapmaker
I cannot help but think that this is going to cost £1,000 per shop as an absolute minimum. And then leave you vulnerable to systems outages. And you will have to pay an on-call service to maintain it and keep it running.

Is it REALLY worth it? Will you be able to be (do you need to be?) sophisticated enough in tracking inventory to make this exercise worthwhile?

Soudns like a lot of money and sophistication in order to introduce a system that is going to take up: management time; staff time (let alone staff time spent surfing the 'net (like I am doing at the moment)); and yet more money. And will need upgrading in three years' time.
Computerised till for shops / display - BobbyG
Mapmaker, your points are valid and ones that I am seriously considering.
One thing that the tills would give us is the ability to claim Gift Aid on donations which in itself would probably recoup the cost of the tills. Without these kind of tills I am unable to do it without using up a large Forest in the process to get a paper trail for HMG!
Program to create adverts - Xtype
What program do the pro's use to create business cards and adverts on macs/PC? Is QuarkExpress still the best?
Im looking to create some advertising for my business and not having much sucess with Microsoft based applications.
Program to create adverts - Stuartli
QuarkExpress would be somewhat expensive just to produce business cards...

Have you had a look at the free software provided by Avery, of labels fame?


Home page:
BBC Iplayer - borasport20
anybody else got this problem

yesterday said it needed to download an update, and the update said it needed to download Adobe AIR. AIR claimed to install, but the iplayer software download failed because of a bad AIR file.
The BBC solution is to download the latest AIR file from the Adobe webiste, which makes nooooooo difference whatsoever, and i have made a point of uninstalling, rebooting and re-installing.
Bit of a pain when your working away from home and reliant on the iplayer to provide something vaguely entertaining

BBC Iplayer - Stuartli
Could be something to do with the iPlayer shortly being capable of high definition displays, plus variable viewing screen. See:

Edited by Stuartli on 23/04/2009 at 19:43

BBC Iplayer - Pugugly
Strange - played a prog in HD with no trouble on my MacBook or my Vista Laptop.
BBC Iplayer - borasport20
PU - your post has prompted me to try again, and this time it has succesfully downloaded the Iplayer desktop - didn't work on Weds or Thursday, but today it does.

Computers, eh ?
What Mobile phone to get? - BobbyG
Not sure if this should be here or IHAQ but I think more so on the computer side.
Right, just now I have a Nokia 5610 slide and contract is due to change next month so starting to look to see what suits best. I would start by saying I prefer Nokias, have tried Samsung, Sony and Motorola in the past but always seem to prefer Nokia for some reason.

Currently I have a Mio PDA and use this to sync calendar and contacts with both my work and home computer. I would like my new phone to do this instead so I only need to carry one thing round! PDA runs on Windows mobile so straight sync via ActiveSync software, but I think you can do something similar via Nokia Suite?

I would like to be able to access my work email however after checking with our IT they are not going to go down the blackberry route. I can access my email from home via web, would a phone be able to do it this way (realise wouldn't be able to view attachments etc)

Currently I use the WAP to get football scores , news headlines etc, assume newer phones can do this but quicker?

Usual other stuff - radio, music, camera, microSD card, different tones for different contacts.

Think thats all my requirements so far - any advice?

What Mobile phone to get? - redviper
have a look at something like the Nokia E71, its not a Blackberry but allows (i think!) push email, so emails come straight through (you will have to get this confirmed though, dont take my word for it) :-)

it will allow full web browsing (in WI-FI) which i find really usefull (for some reason) LOL!

if you cant view emails via the web, then it will support POP (possibly via "push email") but at the very least you can connect in to a pop server on demand.

I dont know if you can though use it to connect to outlook via a enterpise server (push emails) but it might

Edited by redviper on 23/04/2009 at 13:57

What Mobile phone to get? - SpamCan61 {P}
Yes Nokia PC suite will allow you to synchronise contacts etc. with Outlook etc., either automatically or manually triggered. I think redviper has covered the email situation, as a last resort web based mail interfaces should work, certainly does on my E70.
What Mobile phone to get? - rtj70
All you basically require would be provided by the phones mentioned above from Nokia. My Nokia E51 also does all you ask but the screen (but therefore the phone itself) is small. It also has a very good battery life. As an added bonus it even can be used for VOIP on a WiFi connection.

If you want a slightly bigger phone with a QWERTY keyboard then there is always the new E75. I think that also has a GPS receiver built in. (link to Nokia E75 on Nokia UK website)
What Mobile phone to get? - BobbyG
The E75 looks good, a good surdy phone withour a slide / flip wich I am not keen on.

However having now looked at the O2 website it would appear that it is not on the list of phones they will offer me

From the above Nokias, looks like 6220, N95, N96,or 5800. I previously had a 6500 slide and did not like it (it kept resetting itself)

Of course I don't definitely need to renew with O2 but I have been happy with their service and products for a good number of years.

From the above list the N96 or 5800 are in their own ways, appealing. But don't look as solid or user friendly as the E75 :(
What Mobile phone to get? - rtj70
Are you sure the E51 is not available? Well I'm impressed with mine. Not as nice as the E75 looks though.

In the past, an upgrade trick with non 3G phones was to get a PAYG phone from Carphone Warehouse and swap the SIM. You had to buy a SIM but non-3G phones were not locked to a given network. I'm not sure about the 3G phone situation there now.

The E75 does look good and is out via Expansys on Monday. An unlocked phone is about £380 though!

Edited by rtj70 on 23/04/2009 at 23:11

What Mobile phone to get? - BobbyG
Surely I would want a 3G phone or the new "3.5G" that some are called to allow faster internet access (allegedly - I am sure I read this in a review somewhere!)
What Mobile phone to get? - rtj70
The E51 is 3G (Might be 3.5G but my work SIM is not data enabled). I'd go 3G. Battery life of the E51 far better than most of the Nokia N-Series phones. The E-Series, aimed at business seem to have higher capacity batteries.

The new Nokia E75 is not out just yet so maybe the deals will change.
What Mobile phone to get? - Rattle
I've just bought the N85, I get through many many many phones and had lots of smartphones. This is by far the best I have ever had. Battery lasts two days ever after solid internet use, screen is brilliant, maps are suburb with lots of useful detail.

My N85 is a lot better than my sisters N96 as far as I am concerned due to the following:
N85 1200ma battery compared with 950ma
Smaller screen but much clearer due to OLED technology
Much easier to use
Much sleeker looking

I have yet to find a bug in my N85 a first for a smart phone :)

I use the 6500 slide as my business phone, is extremely basic, no GPS or WIFI but its well made.

Edit I could have got a better phone for my £40 a month but for me it is perfect so I don;t care, s smart phone with all the features which does not need charging every 6 hours.

Edit another great thing, is one of the few phones that work with Sipgate officialy, so a customer phones my 0161 number I answer it on my mobile and it does not cost me a single penny!!

Edited by Rattle on 23/04/2009 at 23:15

What Mobile phone to get? - BobbyG
The N85 doesnt appear to be available either but as Rob says, maybe within the next month more phones will become available!

So expect the same question in a months time....
What Mobile phone to get? - rtj70
Or phone them up. I think instore and maybe over the phone there may be better choice. That website does not offer many phones at all considering the models available.

Edit: On Vodafone who my phone is via, the normal part of the site does not list an E51. The business section does. So you never know what might be really available.

Edited by rtj70 on 23/04/2009 at 23:31

What Mobile phone to get? - Rattle
The other thing I have found with my N85 is when using the internet in 3G mode (none WIFI) it is very very fast, it feels more like using landline broadband than a mobile phone. I used to have an N81 the first of the new bread of N gauge phones and in comparison to this it is an antique.

I still need to setup the outlook snychronising but hopefully that should be a doddle.
What Mobile phone to get? - BobbyG
Cheers again guys, I think in the past now that you mention it when I have renewed my contract, or did the "I am going to leave" call, I was able to ask for a phone that wasn't listed at the time.

Will update you in a few weeks...
What Mobile phone to get? - SpamCan61 {P}
Just be careful what the pricing plan is if you're web surfing via 3/3.5G, particularly if you use it abroad. It's a reasonable rule of the thumb for 3/3.5G that average data transfer rate will be about 10-20% of the advertised peak rate.
IE 7 Problems - Armitage Shanks {p}
Partner is having trouble with IE7. Using Toshiba laptop, Vista Home premium and connecting to net with a router and/or ethernet cable. Some times everything works well and then, 10 minutes later an attempt to sign says "Internet Explorer is unable to display the page" At this time Firefox will conect OK so it looks to me like an IE7 problem. I am unable to 'repair' the programme and I am told a I can't re-download it as it is an integral part of Vista. I have done the usual cache and trash clearances but it is still very unreliable and intermittent. Any Help would be welcome.
IE 7 Problems - maz64
Perhaps give IE8 a go?
Firefox update - daveyjp
Just fired up Firefox and it has installed the latest update - version 3.0.9

Opening pages has become lightning fast. So fast I checked the broadband speed as we are due an upgrade to 8mb, but it's still at 2mb - test recorded 2.08mb.
Firefox update - Stuartli
Version 3.0.9 of Firefox became available on Tuesday - it is indeed quick, but from personal experience no quicker than before...:-)
Firefox update - Rattle
I have not really noticed any difference apart from Flash adverts slowing down my Celeron laptop again :(
avira antiuncle virus protection - bell boy
Seeing as im from yorkshire and tight im trying this avira protector and wondered if Anybody can confirm if its good please
Ive tried avg and am not a fan anymore after last years fiasco
and ive just taken off avast because it was slowing my computer to a stop

........................................................I thank you in antithy
avira antiuncle virus protection - JH
I used it myself for a while a year or so ago until it refused to update. It seemed ok. The cost version is PC Pro's nbr 1 choice so it should be ok.

If you bank with HSBC you can download MacAfee, though it's not one I like personally.

I'm from Yorkshire too but I parted with about £14 for an OEM copy of Kaspersky from one of the reputable internet sellers (sorry, can't remember which one, may have been Microdirect). The p&p was the larger part of that. Just type Kaspersky into Google shopping and go past the dodgy looking ones! There's a 60 day free trial at the Kaspersky web site.


Edited by JH on 26/04/2009 at 17:17

avira antiuncle virus protection - Stuartli
>>..ive just taken off avast because it was slowing my computer to a stop>>

I've been using Avast! for at least three years and I've certainly never experience that...:-)
avira antiuncle virus protection - bell boy
Thanks chaps
Got to say the comp is firing on all 4 cylinders quicker at the moment,im not keen on kapersky but guess its just down to visions of poisened umbrellas and that kind of thing,
so will try this one for a few weeks,as a matter of interest it did bring a threat up from an internet site that had been dormant since 2007 apparently cant remember as i killed it or avira did but it never showed up previously.
avira antiuncle virus protection - Martin Devon
It's normally something else that cause avg to be a pita, but I can't think what right now. Mine is fine, but the Ayatollah's can be difficult.

WINTV nightmare - Rattle
My trustly old 80gb hard drive crashed yesterday morning and I have replaced it with a new 500gb one (luckily all the important stuff is backed up).

I've reinstalled Vista and all the drivers but I now have a snag. My TV setup is complicated I have a PVR which is connected to my WINTV 1100 card, I could never get the built in tuners to pick up a stable freeview single hence using a seperate PVR. This has worked perfectly but now I get a delay. The PVR sound output is connected to my HIFI amp.

When I am watching telly there is now a 2 second delay between the sound (which bypassed the computer completly) and the picture, the picture is out of date. I have the latest WINTV drivers, the latest video card drivers etc.

Can anybody think what might be causing this? I have noticed the delay is a lot less if I use VLC player but it is still there and highly annoying.

WINTV nightmare - Rattle
I think I have sorted, in VLC there were lots of settings about caching it seems it was prefectching so I just disabled it and it seems fine now.
Pop3 to web based email - which one? - oilrag
Rarely use email, for purchases, tickets and so on. But considering a move away from pop3 as i lose all email everytime I put a new system on the drive.

Have had hotmail for seven years and hardly used it - but obtained a Googlemail account this week and can`t bring myself to use it. No sent or recieved mails but it gave a link to live formula one practice on saturday - great, enjoyed it.

But what of the future if i start to use it? On the one hand i might enjoy being provided with links to my interests, but...
I`m not at all paranoid about privacy. But wondered what your views and experiences are in the web based - and in particular, Googlemail area.

Allegedly quite a profile could be built up - but so what? Isn`t the web and community surv ailence doing that anyway?

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Pop3 to web based email - which one? - Stuartli
There's no need to "lose all e-mail every time I put a new system on the drive". See:

In addition, ISPs normally provide a web based route to your e-mails.

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Pop3 to web based email - which one? - oilrag
Sorry Mods, just realised this should be in `Computer`
Pop3 to web based email - which one? - crunch_time
I think the best thing about Gmail is that you don't lose it when you change ISP.

Pop3 to web based email - which one? - ifithelps

I use Hotmail and am pleased with it - no worries about 'losing everything' when I drowned my Toshiba laptop.

More ads have recently appeared on the 'compose message' screen in Hotmail which means it's not quite so good on the Eee PC, so I might be migrating to Gmail.
Pop3 to web based email - which one? - maz64
I used to be a Hotmail user but switched to Gmail over 4 years ago. I much preferred Gmail after switching, although no doubt Hotmail has changed since I last used it.

I particularly like Gmail's use of 'labels' instead of folders. They can work like folders if you like, but the difference is that you can put more than one label on an email. So for example if you order something from Amazon, you can label the confirmation email with both 'Amazon' and 'Orders' (obviously 'Orders' contains order confirmations from other companies as well as Amazon, while 'Amazon' contains all emails connected with Amazon, including order confirmations). The email then appears in all the labels/folders you have put it in (although there's only one email, no copies are made).

Don't know if other web-based accounts do this?

Pop3 to web based email - which one? - oilrag
Thanks for the replies.
Stuartli I only use Linux these days. Ifithelps, I`m curious as to how you have the Eee pc set up. Perhaps another thread to discuss?
Thanks for the info, Focus and Crunch, on the Googlemail experience and info on Hotmail. I think I will trial Googlemail on the Eee pc 701SD.

Yep, It would be good to hang onto emails for longer and my ISP, Virgin, seems to have a quite basic web mail front end with a real performance to go through to find the menu on their site.

We booked air tickets with and keep getting spammed with advertising. This despite taking care not to when booking, going to the site after every spam mail and unticking the `newsletter` (or similar) I even made a formal complaint and got an email from a real person assuring me I was `unsubscribed` - but still they come...

Sounds like science fiction that, doesn`t it? Anyway with a webmail account I could simple set them up as `untrusted - straight to trash` and just approve them momentarily after a new booking ;-) Rather than have the image ridden spam writing itself to disk via pop3 and Evolution...
I guess something as simple but persistance as that has been the motivator..

Also with Hotmail or Google you seem to get a permanent account name - OK it might get deleted after nine months if not used - but I had an account with Blueyonder/Virgin. Later surrendered due to spam and persistance from `Coffe Cup` after a trial of their software. Later I tried to get it back but someone else had it. Later still I got it back and it seemed to come with their spam + the `Coffe Cup` stuff from before!

I dumped it again asfter that and again its unavailable - it seems like a riding school horse, always out with a new rider.

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Pop3 to web based email - which one? - Manatee
I use Gmail and IMAP, whereby all the emails stay on the server. Saves lots of time when looking at the inbox because only the subject, sender, date etc are downloaded unless they are actually opened. They can be deleted unread, of some benefit for those of us with a rubbish connection. True spam gets chucked. Anything I might want to look at offline I just drag to a local folder. The original still stays on the server.
Cable Wireless Router, And Which Laptop? - Robbie
I am about to buy a laptop, and after much research I have come to the conclusion that a Lenovo is about the best with my budget, or am I wrong? Lenovo N500 C2D T5800 2GB 250GB DVDRW VB/XPP at £425, or Lenovo N500 Core2Duo T6400 3GB 320GB DVDRW 15.4" VistaHomePremium at £475.

I will also need a wireless router. I have a Dell Inspiron desktop connected to a cable modem from Virgin Media, and I want to use the laptop around the house. I'm confused about what make and type of router I need. I have read various reviews about Belkin, Netgear and Linksys, and the Belkin seem to have the best comments.

Can anyone recommend a fast, reliable and cheap router?
Cable Wireless Router, And Which Laptop? - oldnotbold
I would avoid Belkin - cheap, but not long life, I've been through several. Linksys should be better.
Cable Wireless Router, And Which Laptop? - ifithelps
I've got a Lenovo N500 and am quite pleased with it, insofar as the hardware makes much difference to the computing experience.

It's a bit neater than my old Toshiba- same size screen, but the plastic surround is smaller, and it was easy to disable the touchpad.

Battery life is better than the Toshiba, too.

The Lenovo has a smaller power block, which takes up less room in the case.

Having said all that, I wonder if there's much to chose between the majority of £400/£450 laptops.

Cable Wireless Router, And Which Laptop? - Rattle
I generally tend to avoid Belkin but they have improved a lot now but I prefer Netgear.
Cable Wireless Router, And Which Laptop? - Victorbox
Another Thinkpad to consider

If you need a Draft N router this Belkin get top marks but our £35 Netgear wireless G modem/router from Argos has been fine!
Cable Wireless Router, And Which Laptop? - Stuartli
Don't forget D-Link modem routers.