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A friend of mine ( self employed ) has this kind of thing on his van. It is in fact his own mobile number. On the odd occasion when someone has rung it he has said "and your problem is ? " or something like that anyway.......

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Well, HJ, I assume you advised your correspondent to inform ICSTIS and/or OFCOM to let them deal with it? They would be very interested in that kind of 'humour'. The 2nd example mentioned by HB just shows that some people, apparently, thrive on confrontation.
Why would one want to do that?

P.S. In the interests of grammar, which the site owners are very keen on, perhaps there could be an apostrophe somewhere in the thread title?

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'Hows My Driving Number' - Alby Back
Conversely, some people thrive on complaining and occasionally might benefit from being invited to mind their own......

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It is a scam really although don't this adult lines usualy start in 09?
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I remember seeing a similar joke sticker with the number 0800 328 7448, except the 328 7448 was replaced by the corresponding mobile phone letters.
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and some people have no sense of humour.
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If the reader had gone to the trouble of reporting this taxi driver then it surely must have been pretty bad driving
If the taxi driver had gone to the trouble of putting that number on the back of his cab then he must know his driving is obviously bad
i find it annoying
i also find in my area the worst drivers are mitsubishi L200 type drivers who are also invariably also on the phone as they do their bad driving,silly thing is these same people also tend to have their phone numbers emblazoned in bright livery but to be honest im not wasting my pay as you go on them
the answer is obviously to complain to their hackney carriage licensers as the first port of call
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I nearly ran into the back of a car that entered a roundabout I was on. The driver had his hand held to his head, but I couldn't tell if he had a 'phone in it. I could see he was apparently the only occupant

He then proceeded to mimse down the road at about half the legal limit. I gave him a few hundred yards to speed up and when he didn't, overtook him - no horn or anything nasty, although I did flash my headlights to try and alert him.

He 'phoned the number on the van I was driving, to complain I nearly hit him and then overtook him, dangerously. They could hear he was in a moving car.
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Perhaps there could be an apostrophe somewhere in the thread title?

There are two, one at each end - but I suppose they don't count as 'in'.

Anyhow, perhaps the caller in the original post should have identified the number as premium-rate before calling it? That would be a sneaky way of getting money from anyone who cared enough to complain?
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I'd laugh but would expect the taxi company to refund the 3 or 4 quid that I got charged for calling the number. 0900 isn't cheap on a mobile.
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I think , in the context of highlighting a sentence, they're 'inverted commas'

However, I would be more interested in what dear old Rattle knows further about sex chatlines ! He seems to know the phone numbers.

'Hows My Driving Number' - Alby Back
Maybe he's "Jan" when he's on the phone......
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...PS. In the interests of grammar, which the site owners are very keen on, perhaps there could be an apostrophe somewhere in the thread title?...

See above.

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Had your top off yet ifithelps ?
'How's my driving? - number' - ifithelps
...Had your top off yet ifithelps ?...

Oooh, Humph, you are awful....

Short answer is more times than Pamela Anderson - new toy and all that.

I'll do a separate thread to avoid a 'thread drift' ticking off, but roof down driving does give a different dimension to a journey, and you can always put the lid back on.

So both worlds are available in exchange for paying an extra £2/3k over the hatchback.

Money well spent, if there is such a thing.
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See above. >>

See above. ;-)

p.s. And yes, some stickers do actually say: Hows My Driving?

"How's my driving?" - phone number - ifithelps
...some stickers do say: Hows My Driving?....

To which the obvious answer must be: 'Hopefully better than your grammar.'

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My grammar's dead, in fact they both are!
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If you please.
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I have always assumed these numbers were put on vans by employers to concentrate the drivers' minds by inviting ignorant busybodies to complain about their driving. They don't usually seem to be driven with particular pride or style but in the standard practical FU van-driver manner, nearly always acceptable to me.

It hadn't occurred to me that some drivers put them there in the hope of earning praise from other drivers ('My dear fellow, I saw you on the road this afternoon and I have to say the way you carved up that bus in Enfield High Street was masterly, pure poetry... there were three ambulances there by the time I got clear of the resulting congestion. Congratulations!'). But you learn something new every day.
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Perhaps: 'Hopefully better than you're grammar'. Well I got an apostrophe in...
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Perhaps: 'Hopefully better than you're grammar'. Well I got an apostrophe in...

An incorrect apostrophe......................
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First rate ifithelps! The single quotes bracketing the sentence are also spot-on: used when highlighting a word or phrase which is not directly quoted from speech. Also useful when emphasising a variation in meaning of 'word' from the usual or commonly understood meaning. Straight to the bottom of the class all those who called them apostrophes, inverted commas or used double quotes ;)

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... double quotes ..>>

" British printing generally uses single quotation marks for speech, but double quotation marks for a quotation within a quotation. "

plenty of "double quotes" here:
and somewhere in there is:
"Many prescriptive rules of grammar are just plain dumb and should be deleted from the usage handbooks"

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I once saw such a number on the back of an Astramax, 0800 382 5968. I can't spell it out, as swearing is not allowed, but check out your phone 3=f, 8=u, etc....
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Ted I run a business and have a VIOP setup. I know quite a bit about different types of numbers including 0845/0870 and the nasty premium rate 09 ones. I have never dialed an 09 in my life I just am very aware about the different types of numbers.

My business used to have an 0845 number but I have recently changed to an 0161 as people are more likely to dial it.
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Sounds like you're being almost too defensive to me Rattle ;-)
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MADUX! That was the point!!!! Perhaps you've not read the earlier post. Keep up...