00 1.6 Central Locking Stuck in a Loop - neilp83
Hello there I was wondering if anyone can help me with a problem I have been having for a while now. Here goes -

When the central locking on my '00 Fiesta Zetec-s is opened (with either of my two keys) it opens and then closes itself. This happens when opened remotely or with the key in either side lock.

If I pull the handle at the right time I can manage to get the door open (with the locks still looping) then when I get in and close the door they lock and stop. At this point I can then open the passenger door and not before.

I have taken it to a garage who said that he cannot fix it, he doesn't know what the problem is, that I need to see an electrical specialist, and the job is going to set me back a few hundred quid.

I'm hoping that someone may have come accross this before, and might know of a solution (hopefully not costing a few hundred quid!!).

Thanks in advance,
00 1.6 Central Locking Stuck in a Loop - bell boy
reading what happens i would suggest you have a few broken wires in the drivers door shut circuit (ie in the rubber from door to A post
my reasoning?
because you opened the door and broke the circuit
i could be wrong thoufgh as sometimes its actually the lock mechanism (electrical bit) in the door that goes faulty
if it is the first problem if you arent capable of soldering wires back together then you could always get a door loom out of a similar model that has the appropiate wiring and is complete

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00 1.6 Central Locking Stuck in a Loop - neilp83
Thanks Bell Boy. I can solder no problem. I will have a look at the wires so see if any have broken.

When I open the door mid-circuit (loop) this is at the point when the lock is open, before it gets the chance to lock itself. I didn't realise this would do any damage (its also the only way I can get into my car!).

Any ideas what to do if it is the lock mechanism (electrical bit)?

00 1.6 Central Locking Stuck in a Loop - topbloke
short term (pun intended) you could pull the central locking fuse, it still needs fixing but may help untill you find some time to fix the fault,regards TB