00 2.0 HDi Fuel Problems - tasha1956
Any thoughts on what appears to be common problem?

Xantia HDi 90bhp RHY engine, new Sept 2000, 108k, several previous owners, I've put about 1,200 miles on it.

It cut out. Taken to my usual Citroen agent. Verdict HP Fuel Pump, estimated repair cost more than value of car. Got a pump (same part no) from ebay. Mate of son (time served, and experienced diesel mechanic) fitted this, but it won't start. His kit gets code P0230 (he doesn't have specific Citroen software). Immobiliser light is going off after split second of key turned, so we don't think that's the problem. He has checked, and claims fuel is getting as far as injectors, although he's getting a reading of 2 volts at the injectors, which he believes should be higher, can't remember what he said, but in the 5-7 volt area. He thinks ECU might be problem, but we believe that these are programmed to car, so might be pointless swapping it over. Reading forums there seem to be endless possibilities as to what problem might be.

History: Fuel guage sender was faulty, so replaced low pressure pump, new unit, soon after purchase. We don't believe the LP Pump had degraded prior to replacement. The previous owner had crankshaft pulley replaced within last few k's.

Any suggestions would be welcome, or any confirmation or contradiction of our assumptions. If we don't figure it out soon, I'm tempted to strip it and sell all the bits on ebay. Would be shame, as it drives really well when it works.