P reg Honda Civic 25,000 miles - Brianthebubble
Someone in the family has a P Reg Honda Civic 1.6 , I think, three door car - the cockroach - but it has done about 600 miles in the last three years. Otherwise, it has been in the garage. The car has no problems and has been serviced regularly. However, I am wondering , if offered this car, should I go for it, or could the fact that it has been so little used over the last three years make it an unwise choice. Any help please?
P reg Honda Civic 25,000 miles - Blue {P}
I'd go for it, at least you know it's been looked after! Make sure that the tyres are ok and that it's ben recently serviced and away you go.

My gran's car does about 1000 miles per year and is now 8 years old, whenever I borrow it I give it a thorough workout taking it right to the red line and put more miles on it in 2 days than she does in a month and all without any problem. (Well, I did snap a coil spring the last time I borrowed it and got a puncture this time but I don't think they can be blamed on low mileage!)
P reg Honda Civic 25,000 miles - steveo3002
have a good look underneath and the arches etc , incase it was parked away caked in salt and left to sit like it

if its rust free go for it, good service should have it sorted
P reg Honda Civic 25,000 miles - bell boy
P reg Honda Civic 25,000 miles - Brianthebubble
Don't know yet? What's its value?