Main dealer or specialist - mattbod
My local Skoda main dealer is pretty half assed to be honest (something of a rarity) and I have been recommended a good specialist by the guys and girls on Briskoda for my cambelt change. They use genuine parts and also change the waterpump on the 130PD engine which the maid dealers don't do. The only concern I have is whether specialist rather than main dealer servicing may have an effect on the value when selling the car on. Instead of full service history (I always keep all my bills anyway) you increasingly hear full dealer history even though in many cases the Indys do a better job.
Main dealer or specialist - captain chaos
Why not find another Skoda dealer who is more competent and just use the indy for cambelt changes? That way you get a service book full of main dealer stamps and indy invoices to show cambelt changes have been carried out
Main dealer or specialist - doctorchris
My experience of trading cars in is that dealers are barely interested in service history, let alone who has done the work.
Private sales, buyers like a service history but I've sold many cars where the servicing was done by myself and once they realise I know what I'm talking about they value that more than a dealer history.
If you've found a reputable indy to do the job then go for it, the peace of mind is worth it as much as anything.
Main dealer or specialist - ifithelps
The longer you keep the car, the less important any history becomes.

If it's cambelt time, you may already be approaching that territory.