03 1.8 Zetec TDCi - Oil Light - xda
My focus has started flashing the oil warning light. No problem i thought, oil level must be low. Checked the oil level and its fine, but added in a drop more anyway.

Its still continuing to flash the oil light - its more of a flicker, flickering on and off.

Now it's not leaking oil, as I have checked the road where its parked and I cant see anything. I only just had a full oil service 2k miles ago, and it's never done it before. I have done about 6k in it before the oil service and never once had the light on.

Any idea's? Im thinking oil pump or sensor fault? Anyone came across this before?

03 1.8 Zetec TDCi - Oil Light - Collos25
They are pressure warning lights, change the sensor first if it still does it then its anybodys guess.
03 1.8 Zetec TDCi - Oil Light - 547HEW
probably the wire to the oil pressure switch earthing out due to chafing - possibly disturbed when you had the oil change.

(Its a pressure activated switch, not a sensor, and simply provides an earth path to light the dash lamp.)