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Can anybody recommend product(s) that will help stop further rusting of my 1994 VW Golf. I am looking at two area's to treat:
1) Underbody - bits picked up by nice MOT man.
2) Bodywork - bottom of doors. Rust there, want to treat then touchup with paint.

I've seen WaxOil recommended (MOT man recommended for underbody) and some Comma Dextrol (?) stuff?

Cheers all,


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I've used Waxoil for years and it seems to preserve my 1960's & 70's classics very well. It is only good for inside cavities and underneath though. Some people will say it's no good for underneath because it can get "blasted" off by road grit etc. I would say apply it in the spring and make sure you put a good thick coat on then by the time the winter comes and the grit is being used it will have harded off quite nicely.
For treating surface rust that is going to be painted over I have tried loads of the paint on rust preventers but to be honest the only way is to sand/grind the rust off then build up the paint with thick primer rubbed down between coats and finish off with body colour.
Buy a hat for waxoiling underneath and don't do it on your drive if you want to keep it smart! Also it tastes like poo when it goes in your mouth which it will do if you are using it liberally!!!
Good luck.

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94 1.8 Rust prevention/cure - products? - doctorchris
How do you know, Jonat, that Waxoyl tastes like poo?