Mini 25 - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up Ltd)
I have aquired a 1984 Mini "25" from a customer. It has failed the MOT and is beyond economic repair. It has a full history, i.e. every penny ever spent, and I was going to break it for the engine etc. However I have discovered that it's a bit of a rare beast, 1 of 3500 so being an appreciator of the classic car and motoring heritage I would rather see it go to an enthusiast for either restoration or the parts being put to good use to restore another "25".Where do I go, I have tried several Mini sites but they are all dealer run or want money to advertise with them.
Re: Mini 25 - David Woollard

Apart from a crafty exposure on this forum (?) try the local free-ads if you don't want to pay anything. Otherwise the local Autotrader for a basic ad in the classics section. Lastly, if you've time, one of the classic car magazines. Don't some do free ads for spares/breaking.

Of course there is always the "innocent" leter to HJ for the Sat Telegraph, I've ended up with this Mini and really don't know where to sell it.


Re: Mini 25 - John Slaughter
It's only a fiver for a fortnight on the Autotrader web site


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What exactly is wrong with the car? I am a bit of a Mini enthusiast. The main parts of interest in this model are the seats, door cards etc. Are these OK. If the body is really gone, it may just be worth selling the interior.



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