1999 2.0HDi - Engine diagnostic light coming on - Driver
I have a Peugeot 306 2.0 HDI. Since November it has been to the different Peugeot dealers because of the Engine Diagnostic light coming on, the symptoms are simple, but intermittent. When the light comes on, the engine shut down; sometimes it doesn?t stop immediately, but stops. I just turn the key to the off position, wait 3 or 4 sec and start again without problem.

First time the Peugeot dealer advises me to change battery connectors and the diesel filter, and if it wouldn?t fix the problem I should change the injector n°2 and n°3 because the computer was accusing them. After connectors and filter changed the problem was still persisting.

I went to 3 different garages and none of them could give me a properly diagnostic.

I tried a trick to test the injector instead of change straight as they asked me. I switched the injectors n°2 and n°3 for the n°1 and n°4. But the computer was stills accusing the injectors n°2 and n°3. CONCLUSION, IT IS NOT THE INJECTOR.

The last garage stayed with the car for days and after drive with the diagnostic computer inside the car they arrived in this situation.

The computer of the car registers the following error:

Fugitive defect. Injector 2. Cost-circuit between two wires.
Fugitive defect. Injector 3. Cost-circuit between two wires.

The problem doesn?t happen all the time, the car stayed almost 2 months without stop and then stops again.

Any ideas? Help would be appreciated.

Many thanks,

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