2001 1.8 TDCI stalling and locking up - discodave
Just got my car back from another hefty service and MOT (new front brake pads etc), and also had the Instrument Panel replaced as it was one of the faulty ones that are replaced for £99 under the 'watchdog' scheme.

When driving home, I was doing about 30 miles an hour and went to change gear and the car stalled and also stopped VERY suddenly (even though this model has no ABS). It was quite a shock, and the Glow Plug light on the dashboard was flashing, so I assume its logged a fault on the diagnostic.

Thinking (hoping) this was a one off, I tried the car again, and it was fine for about the next 40 miles, but then did it again at about 25 miles per hour when changing gear. The thing that's freaking me out is that it seems to emergency brake the whole car. Why the heck is that?

Do people think its just a coincidence this is straight after the service? Any clues on what it may be?


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