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99 1.9 air con clutch solenoid location? - richbev
were is the clutch solunoid located on my air con system. my haynes manual doesnt show any detail on this. is it in the centre of the pulley with a 14 mm nut in the middle or is that something else. were can i buy the part would it be dealer part only or are after market ones available. Many thanks rich

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99 1.9 air con clutch solunoid - elekie&a/c doctor
The clutch coil (solenoid ) is located within the front hub of the compressor.It cannot be seen without removing the front clutch plate and hub/bearing assy.This requires removal of the pump from the engine.Special tools are needed to dismantle the hub unit from the body of the unit .It is possible to buy all the parts reqd,however this may cost more than an exchange unit.(not from dealer).As this car is 10 years old this could be the best option .The compressors on these are notoriously unreliable.hth

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